4 Pool Features to Make the Joneses Turn Green with Envy

Last year your neighbors, Bob and Marsha Jones, set the trend of backyard recreation with one incredible backyard pool. Their nightly LED pool extravaganza lights up the entire neighborhood. While you are happy for the Joneses, you’d also like some rays of light in your own life. Here’s four amazing pool features to consider to make the Joneses turn green with envy.

4 Features to Take Your Pool to the Next Level

Go ahead and add a pool to your backyard. And while you are at it, add some extra features that make your backyard retreat a place you want to return to time and time again. While there is no end to the incredible designs you can make, here’s four of our favorites!

In-Pool Firepit

There’s nothing that says warm, cozy relaxation like gathering around a campfire with your family and friends. Imagine how warm and relaxing a firepit would feel… all from the comfort of your backyard pool. The flickering of the fire against the beauty of the water is a night-time spectacular you don’t want to miss. It’s like taking a swim right in front of your own fireplace. Cozy up with a firepit or fire feature of your own.

Glass Wall

Are you building your in-ground pool into a sloped yard with exquisite scenery? Enhance the majestic views with a glass walled pool that overlooks your yard or property’s best feature. As a conduit of light, your pool will sparkle with the brilliance of the sunshine, enriching your entire space. The beauty of the glass and water combination will be the highlight of your yard.

Waterfall Edge

A negative edge pool with a spillover waterfall edge brings both design and beauty to any backyard pool. The simple, natural flow spills over the edge of your pool, creating the comforting look and sound of a glorious waterfall. Any one who visits will be mesmerized, and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

Lazy River

Want to build a vacation spot you’ll love year after year? Take a lazy, luxurious float around your own backyard lazy river. The current will calmly take away your cares as you lounge in the sun. You can also use your lazy river as a backyard gym, going against the current to build endurance and muscle strength.


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