5 Pool Features You Never Thought Were Possible

Your pool is your personal oasis. If you find yourself daydreaming about the way your backyard would look with a lavish pool, complete with exciting and gorgeous features, then look no further. Here at Backyard Oasis, we can make your pool dreams come true. Check out these 5 pool features you never thought were possible (but they are):

Tanning Shelves

Tanning shelves (or ledges) are a fantastic pool feature to turn that body of water into a true oasis. They are shallow ledges at the side of your pool that allow you to lounge in about 6 inches to a foot of water while getting your tan on. Tanning ledges are multi-functional. You can set chairs in them to do some summer reading, use it as a kiddie pool for the little ones to splash around in, or let your pets play in the shallow water. Tanning shelves are also a practical way to heighten the accessibility of your pool.

Beach Entry

Spend a day at the beach without the crowd by adding a beach entry to your pool. Beach entries start at zero depth and they provide a gradual slope, so getting in and out of the pool is easier than ever. They are great for people with limited mobility, or if you just like the feeling of gliding into your pool as if it were the ocean. 

Benches and Swim-Outs

A bench or swim-out is a wonderful feature for your pool’s deep-end because it offers a casual resting place. You can sit comfortably while halfway submerged, watch the kids, and chill with some refreshments from your bench. With a pool bench, you can get halfway in to adjust your body to the water temperature before taking the full plunge.


The sound of running water is perhaps the most soothing sound in nature. Waterfalls are an elegant feature and there are a ton of different designs, so you can customize yours to match the landscaping around your pool. Your pool will stand out from the rest with a gorgeous waterfall blended seamlessly into the picture.

Swim-Up Bars

You’ll really feel like you’re on vacation when you have a swim-up bar in your pool. Choose your favorite seating style and bar area, then mix some cocktails or serve refreshments at your swim-up bar. Your guests are sure to give it 5 stars!

Backyard Oasis has creative design ideas for your swimming pool. Check out these features and more on our site here. See something you like? Come on into our showroom at 2200 US Hwy 190 W in Livingston, TX. You can always give us a call at 936-327-2531. Thanks for choosing Backyard Oasis!