Are Saltwater Spas Really Un-Chlorinated?

Not a big fan of the smell of chlorine? Do you have sensitive skin that sometimes becomes easily irritated? If so, a saltwater spa could be perfect for you! But before you commit to a saltwater spa, you should know that they aren’t exactly un-chlorinated! While it’s true you add salt instead of chlorine to your water, you don’t end up with a 100% chlorine-free hot tub. Let us explain.

Saltwater Spas Use Salt to Make Chlorine

Even in a saltwater spa, chlorine is needed to sanitize the water. But, the main difference is that saltwater hot tubs use salt and an electrolysis process to naturally produce chlorine. The good news is that the chlorine smell that can burn your eyes is a lot milder. In fact, the chlorine in your spa is also easier on your skin and bathing suit. When you soak in a saltwater spa, you’ll probably notice the water has a silkier feel.

Other than enjoying the physical benefits of the lower concentration of chlorine, here’s more good news. 

Maintenance is Easier on a Saltwater Hot Tub

Did you know that if you opt for a Hot Spring® hot tub with Hot Spring’s Freshwater™ Salt System you could go up to a year without having to change the water? It almost sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not! A hot tub sanitized with saltwater tends to stay “steady” longer than a spa sanitized with traditional chemical chlorine. Think how nice it will be to drain and clean your spa just once every 12 months instead of every 3-4!

Watch to see how adding the Freshwater option can make your spa ownership oh-so-enjoyable!

Would you like that to be your reality? Or would you like to learn more about the Freshwater Salt System? It’s available on all Hot Spring Limelight® and Highlife® Collection hot tubs. Come visit us in Livingston and we’ll show you these amazing hot tubs and answer all your questions, so you can decide if a saltwater spa might be right for you!