Busted! Seven Hot Tub Myths (& the Truth)!

We have a little obsession with Myth Busters.

You know—those cool guys on TV (especially the one with the HUGE mustache) who loves to do crazy cool science experiments to see what is fact vs. what is fiction?

We are so obsessed that we’ve decided we need some of our own industry myths debunked. So, welcome to Backyard Oasis’ version of Hot Tub Myth Busters! Today we are getting down to the truth on hot tub myths that are just asking to be busted.

Have you ever believed any of these falsehoods? Here are seven myths that may change the way you view your hot tub and water maintenance:

1)      Myth: A hot tub will cost a FORTUNE to operate. Truth: A quality hot tub is key to keeping down your monthly electric bill. That’s because great quality spas like a Hot Spring spa are built with the owner in mind. Not only are they incredibly energy-efficient and well-insulated, they also have a sealing cover to lock in that steamy heat. When maintained properly and set to the correct settings, you can expect your hot tub operation to run you as little as $10 to $20 per month.

2)      Myth: A hot tub takes a lot of time and effort to maintain. Truth: A hot tub is so easy to maintain. Around five minutes a week of maintenance is all the time you need. And the benefits are so numerous! Since your hot tub stays covered while not in use, there’s no skimming or major clean up like you would have with a pool. If you want all the benefits of a home spa without the maintenance, we are happy to take care of it for you. Your hot tub will be perfectly ready and waiting when you need it.

3)      Myth: I don’t need to use chemicals or clean my hot tub. The hot water will sanitize itself. Truth: Hot tubs aren’t really blazing hot. The water is warm and comfortable; hot enough for excellent hydrotherapy, but low enough not to raise your body temperature to a dangerous, unhealthy level. A quality hot tub will have a thermostat that controls the water to not go above 104 degrees. The temperature alone is not hot enough to clean and sanitize your spa water. Because of this, regular water testing is required. You’ll need to add and balance quality chemicals in any brand or model of hot tub.

4)      Myth: If my spa water doesn’t smell strongly of chemicals, it isn’t sanitary. Truth: On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who think that a chlorine smell equals clean water. This isn’t the case. A super healthy spa will have a very light odor. Strong smelling water is a sign of an imbalance in pH or use of the wrong chemicals. If your water continues to smell strong, bring us a water sample. You may need to rebalance your water, change filters, or drain the water and refill.

5)      Myth: It’s cheaper and easier to use bleach in my hot tub. Truth: Don’t. Please don’t. Bleach is a good sanitizer when you are washing your clothes and rinsing them clean. But do you really want to sit and bathe in it?! Bleach can damage your skin, damage your spa interior, and damage your pipes, jets, and filters. Not only that, bleach will throw off the balance of your spa water. Any money that you think you are saving from adding bleach is wasted when you have to spend so much more on repairs and balancing chemicals. Save the bleach for your laundry’s whitest whites!

6)      Myth: I can use the same chlorine tabs for both my swimming pool and hot tub. Truth: Pool and spa chemicals are different. Chlorine tabs for the pool are made for cold water and have a low pH. When you add them into your spa, they dissolve too quickly. The high chlorine level can corrode the metal in your spa’s plumbing, which is going to cause you major problems in the long-run.

7)      Myth: I can keep my hot tub water from freezing by adding antifreeze. Truth: Ok. We know you might be laughing at this one, but, seriously, people have done it. Take heed! It’s toxic to your spa and to your body! Once antifreeze gets in your spa pipes, it is almost impossible to get it out, even when the spa is drained completely. You are looking at huge amounts of issues. There are better ways to winterize your spa when not in use.

When you buy a hot tub, you’ve made a great investment. Don’t ruin it by believing sad spa myths! Shortcuts on spa chemicals and maintenance can be costly. Not only are you going to incur the cost of repairs and correcting chemicals, you can also void your hot tub warranty by filling your spa with chemicals that shouldn’t be in there. Operating your spa correctly is going to save you a small fortune. Get all the knowledgeable help that you need at Backyard Oasis. We will test your spa water for free, and even maintain your spa for you if you’d like! We can’t wait for you to start receiving all the benefits that your perfect spa will bring to your life.