Do Hot Tubs Improve Home Values?

If you’ve been doing much research about adding a hot tub to your backyard oasis, you’ve probably heard that they can improve your home’s value. You might be wondering how that works…do all hot tubs improve home values? In actuality, sometimes a backyard hot tub will increase your home’s value, and in other cases it won’t. Here’s how you can tell if your hot tub, or the one you’re thinking of buying, will affect your equity.

How a Hot Tub Might Improve Your Home’s Value

Do you have a portable or permanent hot tub? When we say portable, you might be thinking of an inflatable hot tub or a plug-n-play Freeflow® Spa. Actually, most hot tubs fall into this category, including Hot Spring® Spas, the number one selling brand of hot tubs in the world. Permanent hot tubs are those that are built-in (like an inground pool). If it can be moved without construction, it’s a portable hot tub. 

When it comes to improving your home’s value, both portable and permanent spas have opportunity to raise real estate value. A high-end portable spa could improve your home’s value if you are including it in the sale of your home. That makes sense, because most people take their hot tubs with them when they move so it wouldn’t add any value for the new owners. If you want your hot tub to increase your asking price, make sure it is a relatively recent model, has been maintained meticulously, and the new owners can envision the benefit it will add to life in their new home. Old, poorly maintained hot tubs will be viewed as a liability. The same goes with permanent hot tubs. Built in hot tubs should be a natural, beautiful part of the landscape, such as one installed next to a backyard pool.

In addition to increased equity, there is a major benefit not to overlook.

Hot Tubs Generate Interest

According to Realty Times, a hot tub included in the listing generates interest! If you own a hot tub, you’ll likely see more interest from buyers. That can translate to more/faster offers. This is great news for you!

When it comes down to it, we know you want a hot tub because of the increased value it brings to your lifestyle and health. But, knowing your favorite relaxing spot could give you a little boost in equity if you decide to sell your home is nice, too.

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