For clean, gentle spa water skip the chlorine and choose ACE

People purchase hot tubs for different reasons. For some, it’s about family fun. For others, it’s about relaxation and reducing stress. For others still, it’s to help with medical conditions. But there’s one thing everyone who buys a spa has in common: They didn’t make the purchase so they could spend lots of time taking care of the water and dealing with harsh chemicals (or smelling like them!).

That’s one of many great things about the ACE salt water system from Hot Spring Spas. With fewer chemicals you get cleaner, fresher spa water that looks, feels and smells great, without the common and unpleasant side effects many hot tub users experience with chlorine-treated water.

The ACE system creates Active Oxygen to breakdown bacteria and impurities in the water. Then the Active Oxygen pairs with the sodium chloride (salt) that’s been added to the water, creating the chlorine sanitizer that will keep your water healthy and bacteria-free. While it’s gentle on your skin, it’s not gentle to the bacteria that can otherwise thrive in the warm, wet spa environment.

Since the ACE system uses only a very small amount of bottled chlorine, it virtually eliminates the byproducts of traditional chlorine water care which typically cause those strong “chlorine” odors you’re familiar with, and that can irritate your skin. Plus, bottled chlorine – which with traditional water care systems is added to a hot tub weekly or more – contains stabilizing acids. When you add the chlorine to your spa, you’re also adding acid to your water. This acid also contributes to dry skin, red eyes, irritation and discomfort that some people experience, and no one enjoys.

ACE system users say the water feels silky soft, that they use their spa more because they don’t feel the need to immediately shower afterwards, and that they spend significantly less time caring for their spa water. And you know what that means – they get to spend more time enjoying it!