How Big Should My Hot Tub Be?

When you’re shopping for a hot tub, it can be hard to decide what size you should go with. Too small and you won’t have room to accommodate your friends and family. Too big, and your hot tub might use more water or energy than you would otherwise have used. Even more confused now? Don’t worry, there are just two things you need to consider when deciding how big your hot tub should be. From there, deciding what size hot tub you need will be simple.

How many bathers will use your new hot tub regularly?

There may be just two of you at home. Even so, if you love to entertain, you might get a lot of use out of a hot tub that seats seven or more people. But, if you know you’d rarely invite more than a couple other people over to use your hot tub at once, you’ll probably be happy with a smaller spa. 

Don’t forget to consider the social aspect of hot-tubbing, too. Spending time together in the spa is a great way to deepen your bond with your loved ones. And trust us, everyone you give the chance will be happy to join you for a soak in your hot tub–even kids and teenagers! (Actually, family hot tub night is a great way to get some regular quality time in with your kids or grandkids.) 

On the other hand, if you know it will just be you and/or your spouse in the hot tub 99% of the time, you’ll probably be pretty satisfied with a hot tub that seats 4 or less. 

The other question you need to ask consider is:

How much space do you have?

If the hot tub you’re interested in is 8’ square, you’ve got to have more than 8 sq. ft. of space available. At the very least, you’ll need room for your cover lifter to operate, for your stairs to sit, and room for the maintenance door to fully open. Besides that, keep in mind how else you want to use the space. Will your new hot tub be the only thing on the concrete slab, or do you also want room for your patio furniture, a towel basket, or hot tub side tables. 

Once you know the answers to those two questions, you’ll have a pretty good idea what size hot tub you should go for. Do you have other questions about buying a hot tub? We’d love to chat with you! Stop by for a visit and we’ll talk hot tubs. In the meantime, our blog has plenty of information to keep you going in your hot tub research. 5 Things to Consider Before Situating Your Hot Tub is a great starting point!