How Deep Is a Hot Tub?

There are items in your life that you want to make sure have the perfect fit.

That lovely, little black dress.

That prized, game-winning baseball glove.

Those perfectly-prescribed eyeglasses that keep you from crashing into your town’s favorite coffee shop when you stop for your daily cup of joe.

Having the perfect fit is incredibly important in a lot of areas of life. But have you ever considered that your hot tub also needs to have the perfect fit for your body? It’s definitely something you need to consider when you are on the prowl for the perfect personal spa.

Standard Height

Typically, there’s not a standard height for hot tubs. But there is a standard range. Most hot tub walls fall between 34 and 42 inches high. Taller tubs fit better for taller individuals and lower ones can be perfect for those of more petite height. In choosing how tall your hot tub walls are, you’ll want to think through how you will enter your tub. Is it low enough to climb right in? Will you need steps to give you and your guests a little boost?

The best thing to do when shopping for a hot tub is to schedule a test soak to try out the different options to see what fits you best.

The Difference Between Height and Depth

Who knew that there is a difference between the height and depth of a hot tub? It’s true! The height of the tub refers to the outer measurement—from where the hot tub wall meets the ground or deck, to where the wall meets the edge of the tub. The depth, however, measures the internal depth of the water in the area where you will be relaxing.

So, what if you purchase a 36 inch hot tub? Should you expect a 36 inch water depth? Not at all.

Remember, there are parts of the spa that hold the components of the jets and interior plumbing, making the footprint of the spa smaller from the inside. A normal sized hot tub gives around a 5 inch clearance from the top of the water to the top of the shell lip. You can factor the depth quickly with this equation. For instance, a 38-inch tub has a depth of 33 inches. A 42-inch tub will have a depth of around 37.5 inches.

How Do I Know What Hot Tub is Best For Me?

It’s true that there are a lot of different hot tub options out there. And when you are looking at an investment of this magnitude, it is important to get it right the first time. The trained professionals at Backyard Oasis Pools and Spas can fit you perfectly to the spa that is right for you. During your private test soak, you can request any information that you would like about each hot tub, including height and depth dimensions. Our qualified staff will fit you perfectly to the spa of your choice–with all of the features and seating that work perfectly for you and the ones you love.

Are you looking for that perfect fit? Call us today at  936.241.0586. We have a gorgeous spa that will fit you like a glove.