How is Hot Tub Maintenance Different in the Wintertime?

That cool fall breeze is blowing in and you feel excitement in the air. Not only are the holidays just around the corner, so is your favorite season: Hot tub season! You do regular upkeep on your spa year-round, but did you know that there’s a difference in wintertime care? Sure enough. Here are a few tips to kick your cool season spa sessions off on the right foot.

Anything that I need to do differently in the wintertime?

While you run and maintain your spa during the warm weather months, your usage of your hot tub may be a lot less than when the weather is cool. During the cool months you will find yourself using your spa — a LOT. And you should! It’s absolutely the best space for relaxation, restoration, and recuperation for both your mind and your body. Plus, it’s an exceptional place to gather with friends and family. But when you do so, you’ll need to remember that all of those bodies are bringing things into your water with them. That’s no problem when you use professional-grade products from Backyard Oasis. Just test your water and balance it correctly. The right products will take care of oil, shampoo and conditioner residue, perfume, lotions, and detergent residue on swimsuits. But if you find yourself in a bind, don’t worry one bit. Just bring us in a water sample from your spa for FREE professional water testing. We will have our computerized ALEX® water system give you the personalized results and suggestions you need to perfectly balance your hot tub water.

What else do I need to know?

Before colder days hit, it’s a great idea to give your spa a good going over. Clean your hot tub inside and out (including your filters), inspect your spa to make sure that everything is in prime operating order, and repair or replace anything that below-average temperatures might damage. Also, if your hot tub cover has seen better days, fall is a fantastic time to find a replacement before winter hits. Click here to get pricing on your perfect new cover. A fantastic cover from Backyard Oasis will efficiently keep your spa water temperature where it needs to be (between 97° and 104° in the winter). Plus, it will provide an excellent way to protect the shell and internal workings of your spa. And if you need your spa winterized for one reason or another, give us a call! A professional winterizing will keep your hot tub clean and pristine for the next time your are ready to get the party started again.

When you have questions about wintertime maintenance, you know just where to turn. The customer care team at Backyard Oasis are experts in all things spa related. Maintenance or water care questions? We have answers. Need help troubleshooting? Give us a call. Need professional products like chemicals or a new cover? There’s only one place to look. Come into Backyard Oasis and we will help you with everything you need for the best wonderful winter of hot tub use you’ve ever had!