How to Protect Your Hot Tub When Severe Weather Approaches

When you get a new piece of equipment or furniture, you do your best to take care of it. And that usually means not leaving it out in the backyard to weather the elements. Even though you know your hot tub is fine outside, you’ve got a few butterflies about leaving your investment (and favorite thing!) outside year-round. “What about storms?” you think to yourself. “What about hail, high winds, and snow? Is my hot tub okay out there?” The good news is that your hot tub, especially if it’s a high-end one like Hot Spring®, is designed to weather the elements. Even so, there are a few precautions you can take to protect it further. 

High Winds

When the wind is howling and fierce enough to send trash cans and patio furniture sailing through the neighborhood, you probably get a little worried about your hot tub. The only concern, in this case, is for your hot tub cover. The wind can’t move your spa, but given the shape of your hot tub cover, a big gust of wind at the right angle does have the potential to pull your cover away. 

If you’re concerned that might be an issue, you can easily secure your cover with cover clips or even hurricane straps. What you do not want to do is place heavy items like bricks or cement blocks on top of the cover to hold it in place. They’re not effective and are far more likely to cause damage to your hot tub (or something else) than to help. 


When it comes to hail, your best defense is in being proactive by keeping up on your maintenance. In good condition, your hot tub cover is made to withstand impact from hail and other similar objects. But, if you don’t do preventive maintenance, your cover can become dry and brittle. If so, when hail hits it, it’ll probably crack.

To prevent that, just be sure to clean your cover with a non-alcohol based cleaner when you’re doing your regular maintenance. Just that simple step will help keep your cover soft and supple… and able to handle the occasional hail storm. 


Unless there is lightning, when you get the chance to enjoy a hot tub soak while a light rain falls, jump at it. Relaxing in the warm water while a gentle cool rain falls over you is a delight. Rain is, of course, no problem for your hot tub. But, there is one thing you want to be mindful of when your hot tub gets hit by a heavy rainstorm. Evaluate if standing water accumulates around your spa. If it does, consider building a drainage ditch so that you never have to worry about the water getting high enough to cause any issues. 

In general, a high-quality hot tub handles almost any Texas weather condition easily. For added protection, strap down the cover if you’re concerned that extreme winds could be a problem. When it comes down to it, one of the best things you can do to protect your hot tub from severe weather is to stay up on regular maintenance. And keep your cover in good shape because it’s the hero that daily protects your hot tub–in all sorts of conditions. Is your cover looking worn, cracked, or sagging? If so, it’s time to replace it. If it’s not in good condition, it can’t do its job.

Do you have questions about hot tub maintenance or any other aspect of spa ownership? Drop by for a chat! We’d love to answer your questions and connect with one of our favorite hot tub owners.