Is It Okay to Let My Dog or Cat Use My Hot Tub?

Your furry, little pal goes with you everywhere. And we mean everywhere. In a tiny pet carrier to the store. Sticking her head out the window on the ride to pump gas in your vehicle. Then to the Pretty Pet Parlor for matching Mommy & Me manicures.

You guys are adorable together. You love your pet so much that you are even thinking of taking her into your spa. But is this a wise choice? Today we’ll examine why you might want to rethink that choice: both for the safety of your pet and your spa.

Reasons Your Pet Should Not Be in Your Spa

There’s a TON of reasons Sparky should not be using your spa—including safety reasons for you, your pet and your hot tub. Let’s explore some things to think about:

1)      Doggie (and kitty) danger. Hot tubs are called by name because they are hot. Really hot. For animals that cannot sweat and need to pant to cool themselves off, the hot water of a hot tub can be incredibly dangerous to their health. Dehydration and overheating may occur. Damage to internal organs and drowning is also a concern. We know you love your pet. Please keep them safe by keeping them out of your hot tub. Also, keep your hot tub covered when you are not using it.

2)      Those paws have claws. A sweet dog or cat that is not declawed can do some pretty bad damage to the shell of your hot tub. Dogs and cats both do not like to be confined in hot water. When they try to flee the hot tub, claw scratches to the interior of your spa are bound to happen. This, in turn, will create some expensive repairs for you.

3)      Germ gifting. Germs are one thing you don’t want to share. Hot tub chemicals are made to take care of human water issues. But the spread of bacteria, germs, pet feces and debris are something you’ll need to take into consideration before you bring your pet into your spa. Although we all love gifts, germ gifting is not a kindness you want to spread.

4)      Chemistry complications. The chemicals in the hot tub are not made for pets. Don’t compromise your pet’s health by bringing them into water that is not formulated for their delicate needs. Also, there are chemicals on your pets that are not made for people. Chemicals such as flea and tick treatments soak off into your spa water, causing chemical imbalance and issues for the humans who use the hot tub next. It’s best to keep those chemical compromises at bay.

5)      A hairy mishap. Clogged filters are not your friend. If you bring your pet into the spa, be prepared for one hairy issue in your filters and jets. Short pet hairs are a disaster in your spa, causing issues that will not be cheap or quick to clean up.

Spa Alternatives

We know you absolutely love your pets. In the end, we want you to keep your pups and kitties safe from harm. If they need some water to splash in, consider setting up a small tub or kiddie pool next to your spa. The cool water may fulfill their need for a quick dip. It may also fulfill your need to have your pet close by during your daily soak. At Backyard Oasis, we want to ensure that everyone in your human and pet family has the best time in their backyard paradise.