New Obesity Treatment? Study Eyes Hot Tubs for Overweight Women

Want a way to shed those extra holiday pounds? You might easily think of a few trendy options. Whole 30. Keto. Spin cycling. But are any of these the right option to fight obesity?

Every red-blooded American knows one of the biggest internet searches at the beginning of each new year: how to start shrinking that waistline. A healthy diet and consistently active lifestyle is paramount to weight loss. But thrilling new research is starting to uncover something new. Consistent hot tub use may also be an exceptional treatment for obesity.

“Our findings are exciting because repeated heat exposure appears to reverse some of the inflammation in fat that may be causing metabolic health impairment…” said Brett Romano Ely, doctoral candidate in the department of human physiology at the University of Oregon. “Along with this reduction in inflammation, we observed improvements in functional outcomes related to insulin resistance. This means that regular hot tub use could potentially be used as a therapy in populations with an elevated risk of developing metabolic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.”


In the University of Oregon study, six obese women participated in the project over a two-months period. Each soaking session was one hour, three to four times per week for each woman. Analysis of fat samples took place at the beginning and end of the study. Results included changes in inflammation and fat proteins.


With these results, researchers now speculate that sitting in a hot tub operates in the same way as aerobic exercise. A spa session increases blood flow and raises body temperature. It also reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Improvement in mood, heart health and metabolism could have direct and incredible results on weight loss. This is amazing news for hot tub owners who are looking to diversify their weight-loss activity options.

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Study Source: Experimental Biology, April 24, 2018