Owning a Hot Tub May Decrease Your Water Usage

Did you know that owning a hot tub can decrease your water usage? Yes; you read that correctly! There’s incredible ownership perks when you have a hot tub in your own backyard. One of them is water conservation. You’re probably asking, “But how?” Hot tubs are literally full of water that needs to be changed several times a year. Many people could think of that as a waste. But here’s how to maximize that luxurious, sparkling, clean water in ways that can make conservation a dream.

Making Water Count

In Texas, the typical family consumes around 367 gallons of water per day, compared to the national average of 300. It’s important to note that most of the use occurs indoors by showers, baths, and sinks—meaning that a lot of this water goes to waste. But not so with a hot tub.

Contrary to popular belief, when properly maintained, your hot tub’s water only needs to be changed once every four months. The average hot tub holds about 400 gallons, meaning that daily it uses three gallons of water. So, what does all of this mean in terms of savings and what do all of these numbers add up to?

A Tub of Many Trades

Your hot tub is versatile, right? You use it for relaxing, entertaining family, hydrotherapy, and working out. But chew on this: it is estimated that around 87% of people use their shower or bath JUST for relaxation purposes.

Without a hot tub, you might be using your shower or bath to relax your muscles after a workout or to unwind after a long day at work. However, running a bath or shower actually uses substantially more water overall than spending time in your spa. This means that even though the initial investment of water may seem like a lot, using and maintaining your hot tub is actually incredibly water wise. It has been shown that people who replace showers and baths to relax with time in their hot tub save up to 2,050 gallons of water a year! That’s a huge savings for both the planet and your pocketbook!

Recycle, Reuse

Did you also know that once your hot tub water has cooled down completely and the chemicals have evaporated that it’s safe for other applications? This means you can water some of your hardy plants and garden with your spa water. Just leave your cover off for 48-72 hours and test the water to make sure the pH is balanced and the chlorine is gone. The chemicals that were once in the water have broken down by this point, making it a great way to recycle and get the most out of those hefty 400 gallons.

Taking Responsibility

While it may seem contrary, when you own and use a hot tub there’s a lot of ways you can wonderfully conserve water. By using your tub to unwind instead of running a bath, you could be saving thousands of gallons a year. Similarly, that water is recyclable—so don’t hesitate to indulge! Relax, unwind, and reuse knowing that being a hot tub owner is a responsible use of water.

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