As the world’s first resin pool, SENTINELLE played a major role in putting Aqua Leader at the forefront of modern pool design. All Sentinelle resin pool components are made of 100% Synflex® Resin, a new generation of reinforced and improved polypropylene synthetic resin with ultraviolet stabilizer and anti-static.

Developed in Canada, it is specifically designed to resist all environmental factors.


  • Robust injection-molded Synflex® resin structure
  • Steel walls finished with Duraflex 2000® anti-corrosion paint
  • Internal walls protected against humidity and chemicals
  • Curved Synflex resin top ledges
  • Resin rails with integrated connecting plates
  • Precision adjusted components
  • Fantasy-frieze interior lines
  • Easy to assemble

Sizes and Specs

Primary Specs
Round Sizes (Feet) 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30
Oval/NBS Sizes (Feet) 15x30, 18x33
Additional Specs
Warranty 5/Life
Height 52″ Tall
Top Ledge 9″ Resin
Upright 7″ Resin
Plates Resin
Top Cap Resin
Top Track Resin
Bottom Track Resin
Wall Material Steel