Remove your hot tub cover – no heavy lifting required

Here in Texas, we use our hot tubs all year long. But in fall and winter, it’s especially enjoyable. The weather is a little cooler, and soaking in that soothing warm water – day or night – is very relaxing.

But before you can enjoy your hot tub, there’s something you have to do. You have to remove that heavy, bulky cover.

You know a cover is a necessity – it keeps the dirt and debris out of your hot tub, so there’s less to clean, and it keeps the heat in, helping it run efficiently. But my goodness is it heavy and awkward to move. When someone else is home you can ask for help but if you’re home alone there’s only one thing you can do.

“Ooof!” With effort, you manage to fold back half of the cover.

“Ugh!” It’s a struggle, but you reach around and drag the cover off the rest of the way, letting it flop onto the patio or deck. It’s not good for the cover, but what else can you do? That thing is heavy and awkward to move around.  

But there IS a solution – a cover lifter!

These handy gadgets attach to your hot tub and make it incredibly easy to remove your cover, all by yourself – with no super-strength required.

Cover lifters come in three different types: Manual pivot, shelf-style and hydraulic-assisted; and they install in one of these ways: Under, side, top and bottom mount. The type you choose will depend on your preferences and budget; the installation will depend on the cover you select, and the way your hot tub is installed.

To choose a cover lifter, you need to know how much space you have behind your spa, and on the side where the lifter will install. Stop by our showroom and we can help you select the cover lifter that’s perfect for your spa and installation needs.

Then, the next time you want to enjoy a soothing hydromassage and you’re home alone – no worries! You can lift that cover right off. And if you want to pretend like you’re as strong as a superhero while you do it – that’s OK. No one else will ever know.