Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget the Hot Tub!

As spring rolls around the corner, many of us are in full Marie Kondo mode at home. You may be cleaning out the garage, organizing shelves and closets, and folding all of your clothing into perfect little squares. While you’re at it, make time to spruce up your hot tub!

Spring is a great time for your hot tub’s deep cleaning. Here’s some tips to get your prized possession squeaky clean and shimmering in the southwestern sunlight.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Giving your hot tub a deep clean will offer you a spa with prime performance. When spring cleaning your hot tub, focus on the following areas:

  1. Hot Tub Cover: Detach your hot tub cover and gently scrub the inside and outside. Spa covers have a tendency to collect all the dirt and debris that blows around your yard. A good cleaning will make your cover look and feel so much better.
  2. Exterior Cabinet and Accessories: Clean your exterior cabinet, cover lift and stairs with a mild soap and soft sponge or a specialty spa microfiber cloth. While covered and not in use, your spa exterior cabinet can get the brunt of the weather and air pollution throughout the year. Make it look like the star of your backyard after a good scrub with a quality cleanser.
  3. Spa Filter: To keep your spa in the best working condition, cleaning (or replacing) your spa filter is a must.
  4. Clean and Flush Plumbing Lines: Don’t forget to clean the inside of your spa’s plumbing. Circulating a spa system flush cleaner for several hours will help loosen any build-up that has attached itself to your interior plumbing and fittings. If you have any calcium build-up, a calcium remover can help.
  5. Drain Your Spa and Clean the Shell: Drain your spa water and clean the walls using BioGuard’s Off the Wall cleaner. Scrub with a spa sponge or microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to clean your jets! Your spa interior will look sparkling and new.
  6. Refill Your Spa with Filtered Water, Test and Balance: Keep your water its cleanest every time you fill the spa by using the Clean Screen pre-filter. Attach the Clean Screen to your garden hose to filter out organic contaminants, metals like copper or iron and tannins before they’re introduced to your water. Test and balance your water.

Get the Clean You Need

Need cleaning supplies for your spa’s springtime deep cleaning? Backyard Oasis has all the supplies you need to make your spa look and perform as good as new. Dirty water, calcium hardness or metal content can often complicate the balancing process. Backyard Oasis’ exceptional products also help you cut back on other bottled products typically needed to maintain spa water. In doing so, these products extend the life of your water, so you don’t have to drain and refill the spa as often. Come see us today. Your spa will be spring cleaned and Marie Kondo approved in no time!