The Benefits of a Hot Spring Spa

Ahhh… The delight of pouring your morning cup of coffee. The rich, robust, invigorating experience envelops your body and soul like a warm blanket every time. But as your mind pours over overwhelming amounts of info on different hot tub brands? Well… we know that is not nearly quite as delightful.

With all the different hot tub options on the market today, are there benefits to choosing a Hot Spring spa?

The simple answer: Yes. A HUGE, resounding Y.E.S. Here are a few benefits that will quickly become your favorites.

Hot Spring—The best hot tub experience.

A generic spa with tons of jets won’t necessarily get you the results that you want. A spa with customized jets? Now that significantly improves your hydromassage benefits. Available only from Hot Spring, there is no comparison to the patented Moto-Massage® DX moving jet. This unique jet moves up and down the length of your back, delivering powerful streams of water directly where you need relief most. You can’t find this feature anywhere else. Combined with additional rotary jets throughout the spa, you will find Hot Spring hydromassage benefits incomparable with other brands.

Benefits to your body and mood become evident as thermotherapy (heat), hydrotherapy (water) and light therapy combine. Hot Spring health and wellness awaits through:

  • Incredible massage and relaxation
  • Increase of circulation
  • Delivery of increased oxygen to the brain
  • Alleviation of stress and anxiety
  • Soothing of muscle and joint pain
  • Delivery of visual light therapy
  • Promotion of restful sleep

As these Hot Spring benefits start to work in your body, the wellness you feel might surprise you. But the benefits of a Hot Spring spa don’t end there…


Hot SpringHeated or Cooled? Your choice.

Hot Spring offers a unique benefit not found in most other brands. The ability to actually COOL your hot tub! There is sooooo much to be said about hot water therapy. But cold water therapy is also an excellent choice. In addition to your blissful hot water, some Hot Spring models feature the amazing CoolZone System. The ability to heat and cool your spa water means you can use your spa year-round, at any time of the day. The CoolZone System is perfect for those living in hot climates, through sweltering summers, or for grandparents and parents with small children. It is also highly effective for athletes looking for the benefits of cold water therapy. If the transformational flexibility of heating and cooling peaks your interest, we can find a Hot Spring model that is perfect for you.

Hot Spring—Spa efficiency = money in your pocket.

The Hot Spring SmartJet® system is super smart. The energy efficient SmartJet® system allows you to only turn on the jets that you need. Customize not only the jet position but also the desired jet pressure. You get to use as much power as you need for each spa experience. This not only equals relaxation. It also equals huge energy savings for you!


Hot Spring—Warranty-love galore.

Hot Spring sets the industry standard with a five-year warranty on spa components and up to seven-year warranties on other spa features. You can rest easy that your spa benefits will last the test of time. Our warranty is our pledge of quality. You just can’t beat that.


So, stop pouring over endless amounts of information on spas that aren’t right for you. The right choice: a Hot Spring spa from Backyard Oasis. Call us today or register online to schedule your own private test soak at our showroom. With so many amazing options, we are happy to help you choose which model is right for you. And while you are at it, check out our 360o view of your favorite model, download your free brochure, and request a free quote. We can’t wait for you to start receiving all the benefits that a Hot Spring spa will bring to your life.