The Top 11 Hot Tub No-Nos

At Backyard Oasis Pools and Spas, we love to hear from our happy customers. There are so many people who are living life to the fullest in their hot tub. Built to last, hot tubs are the perfect space for relaxation, rejuvenation and reconnecting with the ones you love.

When your hot tub is not used correctly, bad things can happen. To maximize your own hot tub benefits and safety, here are some quick reminders of things to never do in or to your hot tub.


1)      Do not use alcohol. Never use drugs. Alcohol, drugs, and hot tub water do not mix. This combination can easily become deadly, so please use caution in these areas. Sweating in a hot tub can cause dehydration, and so can alcohol. The combination of both is too much. Alcohol, drugs and hot tubbing can also cause confusion and unwise choices. Be safe.

2)      Do not bring glass into the hot tub. Broken glass in the hot tub is going to be a headache for you, as you will need to drain the spa completely and clean out all of the glass pieces. Make sure you only use plastic cups while in your hot tub. Save the glass for later!

3)      Do not let the water get too hot. Newer spas have a maximum temperature setting. But if you have an older spa, please monitor your body temperature. Water temperature that is too hot can cause your body temperature to soar, which is hard on the cardiovascular system. So, be safe, and don’t let your water exceed 104 degrees.

4)      Do not engage in roughhousing or horseplay. We want you to be safe! Even the biggest hot tubs do not have floor space enough for a game of chicken or Marco Polo. Injuries to your body or head can occur, so please be careful with yourself and others in the hot tub.

5)      Do not let children use a hot tub unsupervised. Although a shallower place than a pool, spas are still not a place where you can leave children unattended. As in a bathtub, children can quickly drown in a hot tub if an adult is not present. The water temperature is also too high for tiny children’s body systems. Please protect your little treasures and monitor that there is no way that they can enter the spa by themselves.

6)      Do not use your hot tub as a bathtub. Although the water feels so nice, this is not the place to clean off the sweat and grime from your day. Nor is it a place to take a bubble bath! (I know—who would do that, right?) People actually have done so, with costly results. So, treat your spa as it should be treated, and only use approved spa maintenance chemicals.

7)      Do not use your hot tub if you have an open wound or sore. The water in a spa is the perfect place to breed bacteria and infection. If you have an open wound or sore, save yourself, and everyone else, from the horrors of a nasty infection. Clean and bandage your wound or sore and abstain from hot tubbing until that wound is all healed up.

8)      Do not turn your hot tub off and leave it full of water. Hot tubs are meant to run all the time. Turning your spa off during the hot months can cause a severe imbalance in chemicals and pH, requiring costly maintenance you would not have otherwise had. And leaving it full in the freezing months of winter? I think we can all envision that giant ice cube cracking and damaging your precious investment. Read your instruction manual and follow the directions for leaving your hot tub running. You’ll be glad you did!

9)      Do not ignore basic maintenance. Basic maintenance really is very basic. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort and is so worth the results that you will have. Remember—swimming pool chemicals are NOT the same as spa chemicals. Use only approved chemicals from a trusted hot tub retailer like Backyard Oasis. We have everything you need to keep your spa in tip-top shape.

10)   Do not forget about the cover. Treat your cover nicely. A cover lift can help with storage while the spa is in use, keeping your cover in the best condition possible. Clean your cover with a soft cloth to wash away any dirt or debris, or any tree sap that might have dripped on it. Never scrape your spa cover with a sharp object or power wash it with a high-powered jet. Both can cause irreparable damage. If it snows, make sure that the snow gets brushed off, so that the heavy snow does not damage your cover.

And last, but not least:

11)   Do NOT let your hot tub get lonely! Hot tubs are made to be used! A 20-minute soak per day is going to leave both you and your hot tub very, very happy. Using your hot tub correctly and wisely is going to provide you with years worth of payoff. The investment in your physical and mental health is so worthwhile. Make sure that your hot tub gets used all the time!

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