What Are the Advantages of Vinyl Pools?

When you think of a pool, the first image that pops into your mind is most likely a classic vinyl pool in blue and white with sparkling water under a bright, summer sun. Really, it’s no mystery why vinyl is the most popular type of pool in America. The cost and ease of maintenance have always been unbeatable. Moreover, technological developments in recent decades have made vinyl more customizable and longer-lasting. Here are some of the main advantages of vinyl pools:

The Economical Choice

Vinyl pools are far cheaper than concrete or fiberglass pools. In fact, a concrete pool might cost you double what a similarly sized vinyl pool would be. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a price you can afford because vinyl pools can last for decades, as long as you maintain them properly. Sure, the vinyl liner needs to be replaced every 5-9 years or so but compare the cost of a new vinyl liner to the cost of pouring new concrete or repairing fiberglass and it is a no-brainer. Vinyl pools are the economical choice.

Low Maintenance

We mentioned the fact that maintaining a vinyl pool is relatively cheap, but that still doesn’t take into account how much you will save over the lifetime of your pool. Concrete, in particular, requires far more energy to heat and chemicals to keep clean than vinyl. We are talking savings of many thousands over several decades.

Custom Shapes and Features

Decades ago, vinyl pools were pretty stock and standard without a lot of customizability. But times have changed and advancements in technology have made vinyl endlessly customizable. Nowadays, you can choose from a straight line to lagoon style, infinity pool, lazy river, or practically any other shape you can dream up. Backyard Oasis can even incorporate unique features into your pool such as tanning shelves, beach entry, waterfalls, boulder creations, and more. The future of vinyl is here, and we are loving it!

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