What is the Ideal Length of Time to Spend in a Hot Tub?

These winter evenings and weekends are the perfect time for lounging in the lap of luxury—a luxurious hot tub from Backyard Oasis, that is. But when looking to lounge in your hot tub, is there an ideal length of time you can spend in your spa?

There are a several factors to look at when determining your ideal length for your soothing soak. Let’s take a look at a few.

Your Soaking Temperature

The temperature of your spa affects the time that you can spend in it. As a general rule, the majority of people are the most comfortable when soaking in warm water between 100 and 102 degrees. The lower your water temperature, the longer time you will be able to spend in your spa. For those who like their water at the maximum setting of 104 degrees, a relaxing, fantastic 20-minute soak is just about right.

Your Age

Your age and the age of your guests can also help determine the ideal soaking time. For children who would like to experience hot tub life with their parents, family and friends, a 15-20 minute soak at a temperature between around 97 and 99 degrees is a good idea. Encourage your kids to use the high seats to lift the top half of their body out of the water. It will help their little bodies to not overheat, so they can enjoy family hot tub life to the fullest.

Adults can increase their hot tub time—anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour in cooler weather. Active adults who do not have preventative health risks are able to extend their soaking time when using a moderate temperature. Using the high seats to lift your upper body out of the water for every 15-20 minutes will help you cool down, ensuring that your time in your favorite place can be extended to meet your needs.

Your Goals

A good soak of 20-30 minutes can help you meet so many of your personal goals. Make time for a soak in your hot tub when you:

  1. Are feeling stressed and tired.
  2. Are longing for relaxation.
  3. Want to experience your best night’s sleep.
  4. Need physical or mental pain relief.
  5. Are anxious or worried.
  6. Are looking to lose weight.
  7. Are wanting to recover from an exercise session.
  8. Want to spend quality time with good company.

Spending time in the magical oasis of your backyard spa is always time well spent. Ultimately, the best length of soak time is according to your own comfort level. When you leave your spa feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on a new day, you know you have reached your ideal soaking time.

Our customer care experts are always available to meet all of your hot tub needs. That’s why we carry only the best spa products. From magnificent hot tubs from Hot Spring to the very best in spa water care, we will help you insure that the length of time that you spend in your spa is, indeed, ideal.