What To Do When a Hurricane Happens Upon Your Hot Tub

The howling wind. The pounding rain. And, oh, that horrible flying debris that recently flew right into your hot tub. The damage to your home and property was more than enough. But extra damage to your favorite place of relaxation and rest — that has put your mood in the depths of despair. As hot tub lovers, ourselves, we completely understand and are here to help. Here’s what to do when a hurricane happens upon your hot tub.

When Insurance Comes in Handy

First, contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Although some items are not covered during a natural disaster, it definitely does not hurt to ask. If you have an umbrella policy in place that covers damage and repairs to “other structures” at home caused by a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado, you may be in luck. Ask your insurance agent to see if the repair or replacement is covered. If so, have them contact Backyard Oasis. We are happy to help your insurance company get the best replacement or repairs for your treasured spa.

Wonderful Repairs

Even if the damage is not covered, you still have options to bring your beautiful, blissful hot tub back to the retreat that you once enjoyed. Was your hot tub cover damaged by wind or debris? We have the perfect replacement. What about the outside of your cabinet? It’s likely we can find a replacement part. And did your steps blow away? We have you covered!

Backyard Oasis is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to get your hot tub operational. We specialize in:

Call the Pros

When you need help with your damaged hot tub, call the pros at Backyard Oasis. We are well-versed in all things pool and spa, and we are here for you when a natural disaster (or any other issue!) happens. Call us today at 936-241-0586 to get on our service schedule.