Caring for Your Pool Cover This Winter

Your pool cover protects your pool all winter long. Plus, it saves you a TON of work. Without a cover, you’ll be vacuuming and skimming your pool throughout the winter. So, while your cover is doing the hard work of protecting your pool from the elements throughout the off-season, make sure you follow these few simple steps to care it. 

Above-Ground Pools

An above-ground pool cover is designed with grommets and comes with a cable and a winch so you can ratchet it down after you loop the cable through the grommets. To make sure it stays in place and isn’t caught by the wind, be sure it is very tight when you ratchet it down. Here are a few extra tips to care for it:

  • Use cover clips or a cover wrap for extra protection against the wind
  • Scoop off leaves and debris with a pool leaf rake
  • If you see slack or wrinkles, tighten the cover
  • Vacuum excess water off the cover (an inch or two of water is okay and will actually help protect against the wind)
  • If you’re concerned about your pool water freezing, use an air pillow under the cover. Should the water freeze, it will protect your pool from the expanding, frozen water.
  • If your cover is a mesh cover, use a cover pump to lower the water level inside your pool when needed to keep it 6-12” from the top

In-ground Pools

For your in-ground pool, there are two general types of covers: solid winter covers (floating water bag type pool covers) and safety covers that anchor to the deck. 

For floating solid pool covers: 

  • Scoop off leaves and debris 
  • Use a pool cover pump to remove excess water
  • If you see slack or wrinkles, tighten the cover

For safety covers:

  • Consider installing a cover pump on the top step or in the skimmer. It will keep the water level low enough so it doesn’t trap debris under the cover
  • If your cover is a solid vinyl security cover, use a pump on top to remove excess water
  • Don’t try to remove ice from the cover as the sharp edges could damage it. Instead, let it melt

Whatever type of pool and cover you have, the winter upkeep on it is minimal. Follow these guidelines to keep it in tip-top shape!

Do you have a pool, but need a cover for the coming season? Backyard Oasis has a variety of pool covers available for in-ground pools (mesh, solid winter covers, and solar covers) and above-ground pools (solid winter covers, leaf net covers, and mesh covers). Come in-store to see the options available for your pool or reach us here to see the best solution for your pool.

Other questions about about caring for your pool? Contact us! We’re here to help with any questions or issues you might run into as a pool owner.