Four Great Ways to Entertain Kids in Your Hot Tub

School is back in session and the days will be cooling sooner rather than later. The breezy evenings and falling leaves will quickly usher us into one of our favorite seasons—hot tub season! But how do you entertain kids in this season?

With all our love for hot tubs comes the incredible opportunity for all of us to spend extra quality time with some of our favorite little people. Whether you have kids or grandkids, nieces or nephews, your hot tub is the perfect place to make some fantastic memories together. So grab those cute little crumb crunchers and try out these ultra-fun games in your hot tub soon!

1)      Riddle Me Ree: Played like “I Spy with My Little Eye,” Riddle Me Ree is a fun search-and-find game you can sing and play with kids in the hot tub. Just choose an object with a solid color within view of your hot tub, sing this great little tune, and you’ll have an I Spy sing-along game that kids of all ages will adore!

2)      Floating Card Games: Did you know that there are amazing waterproof games you can take into the water with you? Kids love Spot It, Uno, and other fun card games. So many of them now come in waterproof versions. Just add a floating table and you’ll have a rousing card game, accompanied by lots of happy laughter!

3)      Rubber Duck Races: Grab those bathtub duckies and some straws and get ready for the race of the century. Pair each child with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle to see whose team can blow through the straw to get their duck to the other side of the hot tub first. (Just don’t suck the water up your straw!) It will be a breathtaking, rip-roaring time together. Don’t forget pictures and your video camera for this extravaganza!

4)      Musical Jets: Play musical chairs—hot tub style! This great game for your big kids includes streaming music through your hot tub Bluetooth audio system. Everyone walks in a circle in the center of the hot tub, waiting for the music to end. When the music stops, each person must find a seat that has the jets still running! Eliminate players one by one by shutting off the jet zones, until only one player is left. It will be a splashing good time!

It doesn’t take much to please a child. Most of the time what they truly need is you. Give them your time and attention with these engaging games and quality time in your hot tub together. Each one of you will remember it forever. Time spent with family is time well-spent and ways to entertain kids are plentiful. We hope you feel inspired for your next family hot tub day!

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