Why is a Hot Tub Cover Important?

Books. Tupperware. Hot Tubs. One thing these three all have in common is a very handy cover. A book cover allows the treasure of the written word to unfold into a story as you read, keeping pages safe from damage due to wear and tear. And an airtight Tupperware cover will keep your leftovers fresh and tasty for days to come, keeping bad bacteria at bay. But why is a hot tub cover so important?

Hot tub covers offer many incredible benefits. Let’s take a look at what a quality hot tub cover can do for your spa.


1)      A cover protects your investment. Your spa jets and components are the crown jewel of your spa. There is a plethora of reasons that you chose your hot tub—make sure that you protect your investment! A quality hot tub cover protects the interior components of your beautiful spa. This ensures that you have many, many years of high-quality spa enjoyment.

2)      A cover is a lockable safety device. A main concern for any body of open water is the ability for pets or children to enter without your knowledge. Keep your little loves safe with the easy-to-use, lockable safety device of a hot tub cover. The peace of mind will allow you to enjoy your hot tub fully, knowing that your hot tub is locked and secured at all times that you are not in the water.

3)      A cover keeps pollutants and debris out. A huge benefit of a hot tub cover is sparkling, clean water. In the great outdoors, it is easy for dirt, critters, and creatures to get into your spa water. A hot tub cover keeps animal, yard and air debris out, while helping to ensure that evaporation and chemical use is kept to a minimum. The savings in water and chemical purchases will speak for themselves and the peace of mind knowing that you do not have to continually scrub your tub is well worth the addition of a cover.

4)      A cover keeps the heat in. Hot tub covers provide superior insulation to trap the heat in. Insulation is already included within the walls of your hot tub unit. But leaving it uncovered reduces the benefits of an insulated hot tub. Heat evaporation, cool rainwater, and freezing snow can all wreak havoc on your water temperature, causing an increase in electrical use to build the temperature back up. Don’t let that precious heat escape! Lower your operating costs by installing a secure-fit, quality hot tub cover.

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