3 Essential Date Night Secrets for the Hot Tub

Do you crave more quality time with your loved one? A weekly date night is just what you need. More specially, you need a hot tub date night! You see, something amazing happens when you’re soaking with your partner in the hot tub. First, you get to focus totally on each other. There are no distractions. No other people invading your space or conversation. No movie taking your attention off each other. It’s the perfect quiet space!

Second, quality time just happens without any elaborate plans on your part. When you snuggle close in the warm water and put your arm around her shoulders, you reconnect. You’ll leave the spa feeling closer than ever.

One of the best things about owning a spa is you get to have this time together anytime you want. But, since this is date night we’re talking about, we know you want to make things really special. So, remember these 3 date night essentials and you’ll knock her socks off! 

Pick Some Great Date Night Food

  • Finger foods are ideal. When you pick what foods you’ll enjoy in the hot tub, make sure they’re easy to grab and eat in the water. A fruit and cheese tray or charcuterie platter is perfect. Or, if you’ve already had dinner, end the night with dessert in the hot tub! Cookies, truffles, or chocolate-dipped strawberries are winners every time.
  • Drinks are a must. You know how important it is to stay hydrated while you’re enjoying a long soak, so make sure you have water or fruit juices on hand. We don’t recommend alcoholic drinks while you’re hot-tubbing, since they will dehydrate you much faster than normal when combined with the heat of your spa. 

Set the Mood

  • Lighting sets a romantic mood like nothing else. You could string up some twinkle lights, set out a bunch of candles, or light the fire pit.
  • Create a special playlist. It could be all instrumentals, romantic tunes, or a playlist of her favorite songs.

Plan Fun Date Night Activities

  • Intimate conversation is always a good choice. For the moment, forget about who’s picking up the laundry or taking your child to the eye doctor. Instead, just focus on each other and the things you want to talk about and not the daily details.
  • Star-gazing is a perfect hot tub activity. Look for constellations or just lie in each other’s arms and admire the starry view
  • A massage is guaranteed to score you points. 

If you ask us, date night should always include a hot tub! Try these tips on your next date night and we bet you’ll be looking for chances to sneak away with your love for another hot tub date. 

There’s only one catch. You can’t enjoy a night like this if you don’t own a hot tub! Slipping into the spa at your gym or a hotel is just not the same. If you haven’t yet created an oasis in your own backyard, come visit us in Livingston. We’ll help you find the ideal spa for your needs. We carry a variety of hot tubs to fit every budget, we have great financing options, and our specials make it easier than ever to bring home your own spa! Stop in today. Date night will never be the same.