3 Genius Ideas for Creating More Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

Don’t let too-close neighbors or a busy road keep you from enjoying your hot tub as often as you want! Instead of giving up what you love because of a lack of privacy, create more privacy around your hot tub. There are many ways to do it, but here are three ideas to give you some exciting inspiration. 

Privacy Screens

By name alone, privacy screens sound pretty dull. But these days many privacy screens are so stylish they can do double duty as decor! You’ll easily find plenty of eye-catching privacy screens to purchase. It would make a great DIY project, too.

Need ideas? You could create a screen with a woven design using wood slats. Strategically place vertical planters. Erect a gazebo and hang outdoor curtains. Or, build a partial hot tub enclosure. If you’d love to DIY a project to create more privacy around your hot tub, set your imagination free to design the solution of the century. Or, turn to Pinterest! That works, too.

Lovely Landscaping

Are you a nature lover? Incorporating some cleverly-designed landscaping could be a solution you’ll enjoy. Plant shrubs, decorative grasses, or bamboo around your patio. Place oversized plants in large pots. Or, create a tower of planter boxes that hang on a pergola or wall. 

Unique Umbrellas

Like an umbrella over your outdoor table, a hot tub umbrella creates a great shelter. Not only can you arrange your spa umbrella so that it blocks the street or neighbor’s view, it will also help provide you with shelter from the sun’s rays.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how to create more privacy around your hot tub, what are you waiting for? Get back out there and enjoy your hot tub like you’ve been wanting to! No hot tub of your own yet? If you’ve been reticent to buy a spa because you don’t have privacy to enjoy soaking in it, rest assured that you’ll have plenty of options to create the sheltered backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Other questions about spa ownership? Stop by for a visit. We’d love to talk hot tubs with you.