3 Professional Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool

Ahhh… Those lazy days of summer are drifting slowly into the sunset, and the fun days of fall are sliding into place. Who doesn’t adore warm days and cooler, casual evenings? But there may be one thing that’s bothering you. Closing your pool. Although you long for cool evenings by the firepit, those warm days of summer in your backyard oasis are hard to let slip out of your grasp. How do you know when it’s time to close up shop for the year? Here are three professional tips for closing your swimming pool.

Your Best Timeline

In Texas, we get the beautiful benefit of an extended swimming season. So, when exactly should you close your pool? Well, if you don’t have a pool heater to help extend your swim time into the holiday season, your best bet is to wait until the air temperature is consistently below 65 degrees. When the temps are that cool, it will be easier to add the closing chemicals you need. You won’t have to worry about algae build-up. If your water won’t freeze in your location, you can run your pump often through the winter to keep the water circulating. If freezing is an issue, winterize your pool by draining the water below the skim line, flushing out the pipes and pump, and clean and secure the pool and filters.

Gather What You Need or Call in the Pros

It’s important to close your pool correctly. You can do this on your own, or you can choose a trusted service like our exceptional technicians at Backyard Oasis. If you are doing it on your own, gather everything you need. Clean your pool, bring us your water sample for expert analysis on the proper closing chemicals, remove any accessories and/or ladder, and install your winter cover. Or, if you prefer, let us do all of the work for you! It’s easy to schedule your pool closing with our online service scheduler.

Plan Your Pool Opening

When you are closing your pool for the winter, you aren’t just putting a cover on your pool and calling it quits. You are actually planning your pool opening for next year. “Next year?” you ask. Absolutely! When you close your pool correctly, you are setting yourself up for success for your pool opening in the next season. Your pool will be cleaned, scrubbed, vacuumed, and prepped for winter. Then, when spring rolls around, you won’t uncover a green, goopy mess. You’ll save yourself a ton of money and time opening your pool when you close it properly.

When you are ready for your pool closing, come to Backyard Oasis. We have the best tips, our FREE computerized water testing service, and all of the BEST closing chemicals to make your pool clean and pristine. As always, we are open six days a week for your convenience. Come in and see just how easy your pool closing can be this year.