3 Things to Know Before Choosing a Pool Float

With the variety of colorful, vibrant, and often strange looking pool floats on the market, choosing a pool float can be overwhelming. It might be tempting to pick anything from a big box store that looks like it will survive the summer. But don’t cave! You can do much better than that. There are things you should know before taking your pick. Here are 3 of them.

Know Your Options

Foremost, you need to figure out what you want out of a float. The options on the market are widespread, but here are a few to get you started out.

  • If you’re looking to lounge rather than play, there are reclining floats that allow for ideal relaxation. Some even have cup holders and pillows to make your pool time as comfortable as possible.
  • Relaxing is always more fun in pairs, so there are options for floats with multiple seats for all the family and friends. These can be used either in the pool or for excitement out on the lake.
  • Novelty floats in the shape of pizza slices, avocados, and flamingos also exist! These are best used for basic floating — like getting your tan on and enjoying the lazy rays of summer.

Material Matters

Pool floats come in two options — vinyl and foam. There are advantages in vinyl floats, including storage options and a vast array of designs. Being able to inflate and deflate your float can be a huge advantage if you are short on storage space and want to keep your place tidy and neat. Similarly, most floats happen to be made with this material, meaning you’ll have plenty to choose to from when it comes time. You might have to purchase a pump for larger options, but it’s worth it in the long run. With careful use and care, you can enjoy your vinyl float year after year.

Next you have your fun foam options. From pool noodles to foam filled floats like kickboards for kids, these pool options don’t need to be inflated prior to use. You can still store foam, but they take up more space than their vinyl counterparts. However, as a grab-and-go option, they are a great choice.

Consider Your Kids

If you’re in the market for a float with your little one in mind, look for toys with dual air chambers, safety valves, and inner springs. These supply better stability for extra support in the water. Similarly, a sun canopy helps protect your child from the heat.

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