4 Must-Know-Tips For Opening Your Swimming Pool

There’s hardly a cloud in the sky, the sun is high, and that heat is inescapable even in shady spots. Sweltering would be an understatement. It’s swimming season, and that means it’s time to uncover the pool and prep for the long, hot summer. But before you start enjoying this season, there are some crucial things to know before you dive right in and cool off. Here are 4 must-know-tips for opening your swimming pool.

Clean up first! You’ll thank yourself later.

Give your yard a good trim and let the dust and grass clippings settle. Then, if you have greenery that hangs around or decorates your pool’s premises, trim that up next. You don’t want anything falling into the water you’re about to prime. Similarly, if there is debris from shrubbery lingering on the ground, sweep it up. You’ll thank yourself later.

You should also make it a point to check structures in and around your pool (decks, ladders, etc.), and make certain that they are in stable condition. Use a leaf net to take off anything sitting on your pool cover, and if you have a solid top, use a pump to remove the water. To save yourself time in the future, clean and dry your pool cover and stow it away neatly for when it’s time to close things up again.

Under Pressure 

Next, you’re going to want to clean out that filter (if it isn’t sparkling already). Now that it’s time to actually start up your filter, it’s extremely important to remember that air compresses when you purge filters and pumps. Remember to release this air before you open these.

A Little Patience 

It may seem like a good idea to add chemicals first thing to your freshly unveiled pool, but resist the urge! After you add fresh water to get things back up to the standard level, allow things to sit and circulate for at least 48 hours. This allows for the water in your pool to have enough time to mix together nicely. Then, check your pH levels. Now you can use chemicals accordingly.

If you have any questions about chemical levels in your water, don’t be shy: be sure to ask us!

Kick Off the Season Right!

There’s no pool products like professional-grade products from Backyard Oasis. During this time, we are fully operational for all your pool and chemical needs — with the exception of walk-in traffic. As an essential business, Backyard Oasis will continue to operate and provide maintenance, water testing and sales of all products. In order to provide the safest and most convenient service possible, we will be offering curbside pick-up and water analysis, virtual consultations, and phone and text options for all requests. Call us at (936) 241-0586 or text at (936) 247-1545.

Now that you have some useful tips for opening your pool under your belt, you’re ready to kick off swimming season stronger than ever. So grab that leaf net, make sure that filter is sparkling and depressurized, and practice a little patience. Then call us for your no-hassle order. You’ll be taking full advantage the fun-in-the-sun season in no time. Happy swimming!