4 Tips for Hosting the Biggest, Baddest Pool Party Ever!

Throw the event of the summer this year by hosting the biggest, baddest pool party ever! It’s hot, it’s the weekend, and you’ve got an oasis in your very own backyard. Who needs more of an occasion than that to throw an epic pool party? Here are 4 tips to make your pool party a hit:

Plan Some Games

We’ve all played Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows, and Splash War. You can stick to the classics or ratchet up the fun by planning some high-key games for your pool party. Fill balloons up with water for extra ammunition in your splash war. Use noodles for jousting. Blow up a floatie and play king or queen of the island. Have a chaperone referee so the festivities don’t get too rowdy.

Project a Movie

You can host a movie night at your pool if you have a projector at home. This is a great idea to keep things fun for the older kids. Jaws is a classic pool party thriller. Fast Times at Ridgmont High is a hilarious party favorite. Whatever your movie choice, keep a close eye on all swimmers throughout the duration of your party. It’s always smart to have multiple chaperones in case the telephone rings or you need to head inside to grab food and snacks. 

Fire Up the Grill

All that swimming is sure to work up some hearty appetites. Fire up the grill and sear some pineapple slices for a healthy and tasty snack. You’ll probably want to keep the hot dogs and burgers in full supply too. It’s your pool party. Make it unforgettable with your favorite recipes.

Safety First

The importance of pool safety is never greater than when hosting guests. Assign an adult to lifeguard duty and trade-off every hour or two to maintain constant supervision. Review your water safety guidelines before you have people over for a pool party. Do you have life jackets on hand? Check your water for proper pH and chlorine levels. You’ll feel much more at ease and your party will be a blast when you consider safety first. 

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