Are You a Square? Choosing the Perfect Shape for Your Swimming Pool

So, are you a square? We’re here to tell you there’s good news if you answered yes, because a square doesn’t have to be JUST a square! Why not luxuriate like the ancients and add a little curve to those corners for a Grecian or Roman flourish? Backyard Oasis has creative pool designs that will bring out the natural flow in your landscape no matter what shape or size the space is that you’re working with. Here are a few absolute classics:


Throw out the rulebook and design your pool shape based on the elements present in your backyard, or adhere to the principles of your inner flow. After all, as Lada Ray says, “In its highest and purest form, good feng shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.” Freeform is unlimited, just like your life. It’s also perfect for integrating a waterfall or unique rock formations and blends perfectly in a lush setting.

Straight Line

Otherwise known as rectangular, a straight line pool is actually as versatile a form as any. It can be styled to give off a classic feel or an ultramodern sheen. It is one of the most space-efficient pool designs and can fit in even a small backyard.


Yes, infinity pools definitely live up to the hype. The visual effect created by a pool that effortlessly slips into the horizon is absolutely sublime. The water falls off an invisible edge and is looped back in on a lowered ledge on the other side, giving the impression of total unity with the landscape beyond. An infinity pool will turn your backyard into a dreamlike oasis.

Bean or Kidney-Shaped

Bean-shaped pools are great for adding a little extra flair to a pool designed for a small space. They also have the advantage of better circulation than a square or rectangular pool because the water is guided along the outer curves. Want to save even more space? Try the closely related figure eight design.

Grecian, Roman, and Classical

These attention-grabbing designs will have you feeling like royalty.  It can be as simple as detailing the corners on a square with an inward curve, or as complex as the asymmetrical pools at the Hearst castle.

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