Buy Local: Get Everything You Need From Backyard Oasis

You awaken to the beautiful sounds of birds singing their melodious morning medley. The soft glowing sunbeams in soft rays through your bedroom window. You breathe deeply and soak it all in.

It’s a gloriously, gorgeous day in the great state of Texas and this morning is already off to a great start.

As you take your decadent, steaming hot coffee out to your back deck and let the dog out, you sit to soak in the beauty of the tranquil morning.


That’s when you see it.

The hideous horror of murky, cloudy water… IN YOUR POOL! Only days ago, it was sparkling as the sunlight danced on top of the water. How could this happen?! And what should you do?

As your panic subsides, you start researching your options on how to clear up the problem. You should throw some bleach in. No, wait. A whole tub of chlorine should do the trick. Noooo… Maybe the quickest way to get this mess cleaned up is to order something online or stop in your local Big Box store, right?

Our answer: Buyer Beware!

All products are NOT created equal. While it may seem nice to pick up some chemicals on your trip to that Big Box grocery store, we know the hard reality is that those chemicals might not work for your pool or spa needs. And please don’t EVER throw bleach in your pool. The increased cost and damage that can be done by using the wrong chemicals for your pool or spa can be astounding. And two-day shipping of accessories and supplies from that main online retailer? While so handy, you can’t see or touch exactly what you are ordering.  Nor will you receive the professional knowledge of someone who can test your water and provide you with the exact solution that you need.

So what should you do instead?

Call Backyard Oasis. Or better yet, stop in our showroom. We will happily analyze your gloomy, sad water and quickly get you on your way to your joyfully perfect pool in no time.


Backyard Oasis Pools and Spas carries the best pool and spa chemicals, supplies, and accessories to meet ANY need that you might have. With brands like BioGuard, we carry sanitizers, algae killers, and water enhancers to make your pool or spa spic and span. We are sure to have exactly what you want in-stock, all day, every day. And accessories? Your local Big Box store is definitely not going to have the same amazing deals, offers, and selection as your local pool retailer.

But that’s not all! Here’s just a mention of the vast array of items we carry:

And don’t forget! We also carry a full line of… people. Yes, people! People who know pools and spas like the back of their hand. With the most excellent customer service around, Backyard Oasis Pools and Spas is your local authority on all things pool and spa related. From chemical products to pool pumps, we have all the answers. Plus, we absolutely love working with you and for you!

So learn from those who have paid the price of bad services, faulty chemicals, and hard to return accessories. Don’t wait another minute! Come in to Backyard Oasis Pools and Spas to see all we have to offer.

Don’t want to run to our store every time you need more chemicals for your pool or spa? No problem! Let our home service bring everything you need and service your pool or spa for you, so it will always be ready whenever you are! Just call us today at 936-327-2531 ext. 30 or schedule your service online. We know you will love the convenience and results. Buying local just can’t be beat!