Can Hot Tubs Help Prevent Illness?

Sickness season is upon us and sniffles, coughing and other illnesses will rage through America in the coming months. You know it is coming for you and you are absolutely dreading it. Is there a way for you to stay protected and prevent those illnesses from wreaking havoc on your body—making you miss important work days, events, and time with your family? Hot tub therapy may be the answer!

Hot tubbing has many benefits, including the increase of blood flow and the strengthening of your immune system. Here are some things you can do to keep well this winter.

Strengthen Your Immune System

  1. Increase your liquids. A great asset to your health and winter wellness goals includes the increase of liquid consumption. Keep water close at hand, drinking often throughout the day. Also increase your intake of high-water-content fruits and vegetables. Another excellent way to increase liquids is through herbal teas and hot, delicious broth-based soups. Not only will the extra water in these foods help boost cell hydration and body functions, the extra vitamins and minerals will also enhance your natural immunity and build new white blood cells. This will allow your body to fight off those dreaded diseases and nasty germs. Your body will also more easily be able to rid itself of toxins—helping keep you healthy and well.
  2. Decrease stress. Stress brings illness. However the stress comes—through work, family issues, conflict, or anxiety—it weakens your body’s natural immune response in fighting illness. The answer? Your hot tub. Hot tubbing is proven to reduce stress and improve relaxation. In turn, this will help ease the stress on your body and mind. And the increase in a good night’s sleep? That will substantially help your body to stay well. Proactively work at decreasing your stress in your hot tub. The hot tub therapy will assist you in restoring your body’s equilibrium and immunity.
  3. Raise your body temperature. Raising your body temperature can keep germs from multiplying in your body. And the hotter the temperature, the better! Sweating is an excellent way of cleansing your body of unwanted germs and toxins. So, pump up your spa temperature to the maximum setting of 104 degrees and soak away. Help keep illness from taking up residence in your body.
  4. Soak more often. If you have time, increase your hot tub soaks. Add in an extra morning, afternoon, or evening soak to your established hot tub routine. The extra benefits that hot tub therapy can offer are well worth the time. A 20-minute soak is proven to reduce stress, add peace of mind, decrease pain, and increase blood circulation. Adding one or two extra sessions a day will make you feel oh-so-good.


A hot tub is an amazing asset in your fight for winter wellness. Utilize this major tool to help you boost your immune system and keep your body well. Need a hot tub to help fight the winter blues? At Backyard Oasis, we are the premier dealer of the amazing line of spas from Hot Spring. Not only do we have the perfect spa with the perfect temperature setting, we also allow you to try before you buy. Come in to be one of the first to see our new 2019 models and prevent illness this winter.