Are Chemicals the Same for Pools and Hot Tubs?

The chemicals used to treat a pool or hot tub play a huge role in keeping the water at the level of cleanliness and clarity that make the pool a place for endless fun and the hot tub an oasis of ultimate relaxation. This fact makes knowing the difference between the chemicals used in them very important! There is definitely a difference in the chemicals you should choose and use for a pool vs. a hot tub. At Backyard Oasis, we carry high quality chemicals to make your water care a breeze! Our loyal customers trust us to help them with the important task of treating their pool water and hot tub water, and we are available to answer all of your chemical usage questions too! 

Swimming Pool Checklist

Pool water must be kept clean – not just so that it looks nice but also so that germs are not being spread to its occupants. The most common cleansing agent used in pools is chlorine. Daily chlorine treatments accompanied by a weekly shock treatment will keep the pool water clear, clean, and calling your name during the warm months of pool weather! A shock treatment rejuvenates the chlorine that is already present in the water. Because the shock treatment itself contains unstable chlorine or even no chlorine at all, it is best to administer it at night, while the pool is running. This will prevent the sun’s rays from absorbing the treatment too quickly.  


There are other methods of pool sanitization that people use as well, including salt and other mineral treatments. Algaecides are another common chemical to use in order to prevent unwanted growth in the water. If you are not sure what pool chemicals you need to be using on a regular basis, we can help! At Backyard Oasis, we carry Bioguard® chemicals to help keep your pool running at its best. 

Hot Tub Checklist

Hot tub water must also be kept clean. Just because the water is hot in a spa does NOT mean that it does not need as much attention to keep it pure. Bacteria can quickly grow in the hot waters of a spa, just as it can in the cold waters of a swimming pool. The goals for your hot tub water are

  •  keep it sanitized
  •  use the proper chemicals to sequester out metals and contaminants
  •  keep all of the levels of the chemicals balanced properly.  

At Backyard Oasis, we have several amazing options for maintaining your hot tub water easily.  We carry a user-friendly salt water system that can keep your Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spa sanitized and lucid for a whole year! This is just one example of the chemical products we offer. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which option is best for your specific hot tub type, brand, and model.  

Important Conclusion

Remember – chemicals used to treat a pool or hot tub are not the same.They are designed specifically for a pool OR for a hot tub. Using chemicals designed for a pool – a large body of water – in your spa can damage your hot tub. The opposite is also true. If you try to use hot tub chemicals in a pool, they will be ineffective because the mass of water is too great for them to be useful. Misusing chemicals in this way can also be detrimental to the human body. Take care of your pool, your hot tub, and yourself!  Let our professional crew at Backyard Oasis clear up any chemical questions you have!