Fun Facts about Hot Tubs

Whether you’re researching hot tubs or you’re already a hot tub owner, you probably already know a lot of facts about hot tubs: how they operate, how they lower your stress, boost your health, and allow you to enjoy a private getaway without ever leaving your home. But, did you know that hot tub jets have aviation origins? Read on to learn more and to discover other fun hot tub facts!

Aviation Technology Was Used to Create the First Hot Tub Jets

Before the Jacuzzi brothers created the first hydrotherapy pump, they invented revolutionary pumps for aviation and agriculture, winning a gold medal award in 1930. When a young family member was stricken with severe illness, they converted their submersible aviation pump into a hydrotherapy pump that allowed any home bathtub to be used for hydrotherapy. 

The Home Hot Tub Was First Created to Relieve Arthritis Pain

The Jacuzzi brothers’ inspiration for creating the portable hydrotherapy pump was for a young family member struggling with rheumatoid arthritis. Hot tubs are still recommended and used widely today for relieving arthritis pain!

Hot Tubs are NOT Just for the Rich and Famous

These days, owning your own hot tub is within reach for nearly everyone! First, high-end hot tubs are more affordable than they used to be. Plus, here at Backyard Oasis, we offer financing so you can afford the quality spa you want now. To top it off, we often offer specials to save you even more money! Looking for a steal of a deal? One of our pre-owned spas can help you get the most bang for your buck. Finally, we carry Freeflow® Spas, a high-quality line of plug-n-play spas. They’re budget-friendly and portable. 

Ask any hot tub owner and they’ll agree, home spas are a modern marvel! If you don’t have a hot tub to complete your backyard oasis, come visit us in Livingston and allow us to help you find the ideal spa to fit your needs.