Hot Tubs: A Great Investment for Families with Kids

You work long hours. A LOT of long hours. The daily grind wears on you, depleting your emotional and physical energy. So, when you come home at night we know there are only a few things you want: rest, relaxation, refreshment and relationship. When you think about making an investment in these areas, do you know what item should be at the top of your list? We will whisper a little secret to you. It’s a hot tub! However, you want something your whole family can enjoy… Are hot tubs a great investment for families with kids?


Hot tubs are excellent investments for families with children or grandchildren. They are places where you can gather and connect with the ones you love the most. With just a few safety guidelines for children, your hot tub can become one of your favorite gathering places. And the kids can enjoy the hot tub just as much as you!

Here’s how a hot tub can improve your physical and relational life with your family.

Family Hot Tub Benefits

1)      Physical well-being: When you feel healthy, everything in life improves. You feel an elevation in your mood, your energy, and your productivity. Refreshment in these areas will reap dividends in every other area of your life. Hot tubs are known for being amazing assets of health and wellness for people of all ages. The combination of relaxing warm water therapy and incredible hydromassage will help you live life to the fullest. Your whole family will thank you, as each of you begin to be your best selves.

2)      Closeness means connection: As you start to feel better, your eyes will be opened to a whole new world of relational health. Building quality relationships takes time and attention. The close proximity of your hot tub is a beautiful way to disconnect from the worries and distractions of life and to more fully interact with the ones that you love. From important connections with your teenager to amazing date nights with your spouse, the time spent together in your hot tub will start to enhance the enjoyment of your relationships with each other.

3)      Relaxation produces conversation: As the stress of your day melts away and your body begins to relax, your improving relationships will start producing some incredible conversations. When people feel safe, relaxed, and loved, they tend to open up. Use these opportunities to listen to your elementary student share about his day, or to comfort your preteen in her first heart throb heartbreak. Dream about the future with your spouse and converse like you haven’t done since you were dating. The return on the investment of your time and attention will pay dividends as you deepen your relationship with each member of your family.

Spending a few thousand dollars on a vacation this year might get you a few days of luxury that will be over way too quickly. Investing those same dollars in a hot tub for your family will earn you a piece of backyard paradise that you can visit day after day for years to come. Your children will thank you. Your spouse will thank you. And honestly, as your life begins to transform, you’ll thank yourself.

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