How Does Rain Affect My Water Chemistry?

Along with the fun and relaxation that comes from owning a pool or spa is the necessary maintenance. Part of maintaining your pool is understanding how rain can affect your the water chemistry in your pool or hot tub. In order to keep your water clean and crystal clear, you need to know the types of chemicals that can find their way into your pool or hot tub, and what you can do to keep it safe.

The Dirty Truth About Rain

While most people think that rain is clean water that falls from the sky, the truth is that raindrops are usually a bit dirtier than that. With all of the different chemicals and impurities that are in our air, when rain falls, it can actually catch these different contaminants

When rain reaches your pool now, it’s no longer just adding additional water, but different acids and chemicals as well. This is especially heightened if the rain running off of your roof lands in your pool or hot tub. Rain and runoff can pick up things like fertilizers, oil, pesticides, bacteria, and other pollutants.

When these contaminants reach your pool, the first thing that happens is your chlorine will hop into action, fighting off these invaders. This process will either use up some of your chlorine, or will create new and different contaminants. 

How Do I Clean My Pool and Hot Tub After a Rainfall?

After a heavy rainfall, there is usually more than just rain that will be in your pool or hot tub. But, it’s actually a fairly easy fix. Follow these four simple steps when cleaning your pool or hot tub to clear your water of contamination water and to prepare for the next rainfall:

  • Clear the water surface of all debris – Start by clearing larger debris with a rake, basket, or vacuum to get rid of any leaves, twigs, or smaller debris. To do this, you may need to drain some of the water to a manageable level. 
  • Clean the bottom of the pool – More than likely, if there were debris floating on top of the water, there will also be debris on the bottom of the pool. It’s necessary to clean this out to avoid injury or future contamination.
  • Test and adjust pH Levels – If the rain shower was a light sprinkling, or the rain didn’t last more than a few minutes, the water chemistry should be safe. However, if you’ve had a decent rainfall, you’ll need to test your water balance and adjust the chemicals.
  • Run The Filtration System – Now that the water is clean and chemicals have been added to maintain it’s composite, run the filter to spread the cleaning solution throughout the pool. 

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