How Hot Should You Keep Your Hot Tub?

There are blissfully cooler temperatures on their way. The days are growing shorter and the evenings are getting more mellow. Get ready, friends… We are entering into hot tub season!

If you have just joined the ranks of millions of spa owners or are looking to purchase your first hot tub, you might have questions about relaxing in that beautifully clear warm water. How can you make sure that your hot tub is a comfortable, safe and relaxing oasis for you and your family?

Here are a few factors to help you enjoy your spa year-round:

1)     When you are first starting out, set your hot tub temperature to 98°F and work from there. Between 98°F and 104°F is comfortable for many people (most hot tub users prefer their water temperature to be between 100°F-102°F).

2)     Get everyone together who will be using your hot tub regularly. Invite your spouse, your kids and your teens. Agree on a comfortable temperature setting that you can all be happy with. Once you find a temperature that everyone can agree on, you can more easily maintain the water at that temperature level. This will cut down on operating expenses of heating and lowering your water temperature for each person’s preference.

3)     It is possible to find your hot tub sweet-spot, where comfortable water temperature and the water pressure of hydromassage meet. Once you find your perfect temperature, you can maintain that temp in your tub for a consistent experience that you long to visit day after day.

4)     New hot tub models come with a maximum temperature limit of 104°F. (Some older models can exceed this limit, so please invest in a water thermometer and keep a close watch.) Experts agree that water raised to a temperature above 104°F is not safe for adults. It can raise your body temperature beyond a safe limit and create a dangerous situation for you or your friends or family.

5)     Use that hot tub! Now that you’ve got your temperature right where you want it, make use of your personal backyard oasis. Spas are the ideal place to relax, unwind, reconnect, and rejuvenate. As one of the leading supporters of health and wellness, a quality hot tub will give you many years of excellent ownership opportunities.

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