How Hot Tubs Improve Your Workout Sessions

Whether you are a runner, biker, swimmer, ballplayer or all-around workout aficionado, we know that you’re always trying to push your body to be at its best. But did you ever think that you could have a workout buddy that can help you reach those fitness goals you never thought possible? When you are looking for your fitness best friend, don’t look farther than your own backyard. In fact, a hot tub can so significantly boost your fitness that you may never be able to do without it again. Here’s how hot tubs improve your workout sessions.

Warmth = Gains

In your pre-workout times, there’s no better personal fitness ally than your hot tub. Just slip into your spa for a session that warms your muscles. It will also help focus your brain and get you into the zone. As the warm water heats your core temperature, you’ll notice an increase in circulation and heart rate. The circulation will carry needed oxygen to your muscles quickly – enabling them to perform well and to avoid injury. That same circulation carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain – allowing for a focused, dedicated workout session. When you are ready to start your workout, your muscles will be warmed, and your target heart rate can be more quickly achieved. This will help you meet your gains goals faster than you ever thought possible!

Rest = Restoration

You might think that another soak after your workout is a brilliant idea. But think again! It’s actually better to wait until the next day before slipping back into your hot tub. Instead, rehydrate your body after your workout, rest your muscles, cool down, and get some good sleep. Then, anytime the next day, head out to your hot tub. The warm water will soothe achy muscles and help send oxygen and nutrients to repair micro-tears. Then, lean back into those sensational jets and let your hot tub do what it’s famous for: hydrotherapy. Not only will you feel rested and renewed, but your body will also be able to recover more quickly – letting you hit the gym again sooner rather than later.

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