How to Design Your Own Swimming Pool Oasis

You’re dreaming… Dreaming of summer. A summer filled with laughter and joy—and a backyard oasis filled with gorgeous, glittering water and sultry sunshine. You’ve finally made the big decision. You are installing a swimming pool this year. And, oh, how exciting this summer is going to be!

Installing a swimming pool is an unbelievable long-term investment. We know you are already envisioning fantastic backyard parties. There will be splashes and laughter, and all of the summer sunshine and fun that comes with owning your own pool. Here are some tips to get your design ideas off to a great start.

Swimming Pool Planning

When planning the backyard pool of your dreams, the best way to get started is with a free swimming pool consult from Backyard Oasis. We’ll walk you through each step of the journey, helping you to determine the perfect pool for your budget, your space, and your needs.

Determine Your Budget

Setting a budget up front will be a great starting place to determine what type of pool you would like. Consider things like the cost of the pool, labor and installation, and deck, patio or landscaping options. While you can complete your backyard project in sections, it’s a great idea to consider doing it all at the same time. With financing available, consider getting the entirety of the project completed so that you can enjoy the ambiance of your entire pool and yard now.

Determine Your Space

The size and space of your yard will have a big say in the type of pool that you would like to install. Consider any easements, property line, and whether you would like a deck, concrete patio or fence installed. Also consider any green space you would like to keep, as well as room for a children’s play area, swing set, an incredible outdoor kitchen and dining area, or other items that will need adjoining space in your yard. Then think through what shape of a pool you would like to have? Is a curvy free-form pool up your alley? How about a rectangular pool perfect for swimming laps? Whatever choice you make, we guarantee it will be beautiful.

Determine Your Needs

Look at what your biggest needs for your backyard swimming pool will be. Will you want a shaded area or a lounge ledge? Or maybe an integrated hot tub by your pool? What about a beach entry or fantastic water effects and lighting? Make a list of your must-have features. You can always add on the extra amenities and accessories when you have your biggest ideas met during your original planning stage.

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