How to Identify a Quality Hot Tub

With all of the choices available on the internet today, it can be hard to know how to identify a quality hot tub—one that you will love and enjoy for years to come. When researching different hot tub brands, sometimes the specs and amenities can get all jumbled. That can leave you with more questions than when you started. So how can you know which hot tub is going to be the perfect fit for you? Here’s some of our best tips for knowing how to identify a quality hot tub.

Reputable, Long-Term Brand

When looking for a quality hot tub, it is so easy to get sucked into a sale that may seem like a steal-of-a-deal. Big Box stores, internet deals and Spa Show specials all have marketing prices that seem attractive at the time. However, once the Spa Show delivery man drops your hot tub in your driveway and leaves town, or the UPS man drops off your Big Box store blow-up hot tub, you’ll be left with a hot tub you don’t know how to move, assemble, use or take care of.

Tip #1: Buy locally and invest in a reputable brand known for quality, longevity and excellent after-sale customer care. The reviews on both your local dealership and the hot tub brand should be easy to find. When you are making an investment of this size, choose the very best in workmanship and customer care. A quality hot tub with a first-rate warranty will last for years to come. And a great local dealership will make sure that you are stocked with the very best in maintenance care and parts to keep your quality hot tub in tip-top shape.

Hydromassage and Circuit Seating

The best quality hot tubs offer exceptional hydromassage and circuit seating. In your research you may have seen hot tubs that offer enormous amounts of jets. However, more jets do not necessarily mean more quality. If each seat has the same number of jets in all the same place, that is not a quality hot tub.

Tip #2: Buy a hot tub that makes your life better! An incredible hot tub will offer adjustable, customizable massage. Although the number of jets may differ from model to model, choose a hot tub from a company that is known for its quality of full body massage. With jets placed in different areas for each seat, circuit seating allows you to move from seat to seat to get the full body massage that is known only in the best of brands. For targeted, precision massage, adjustable jets are the best option. Jet zones that can be turned off and on are also something to look for in a quality spa. Also, don’t forget to choose a hot tub that has enough seats for your family and guests. A hot tub experience is better when enjoyed together.

Energy Efficient and Easy to Maintain

The internet is a great place to research hot tub options. Buyers guides, consumer reviews and customer recommendations are a must in pursuing great research. However, the internet is not a great place to make your purchase. You’ll need a spa that is both energy efficient and easy to maintain, not a low-quality Big Box version with little insulation, a noisy pump and zero customer care. The only way to truly know if the hot tub you are interested in is energy efficient, easy to maintain, and quiet enough for your backyard oasis is to test the hot tub out for yourself.

Tip #3: An energy efficient hot tub is going to pay off over time. Although a quality hot tub may be a little more expensive up-front, the long-term payback is one that will continue to impress year after year. How can you know what you are getting? A quality spa will have a dealership that offers private test soaks, so that you can ensure that what you are purchasing is exactly what you wanted. You’ll be able to research efficiency ratings, talk to an expert of the hot tub brand, and take a test soak in the spa of your dreams. Our advice—always try out a quality hot tub before you buy and ask all the questions that you can before you make your final decision. You’ll be able to notice the difference right away in hot tubs that are luxurious and those that are not.

Buy the Best

Don’t let yourself get stuck with an inferior spa and no local retailer to contact after the sale is over. Invest in a quality hot tub like a Hot Spring spa from Backyard Oasis.

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