How to Move a Hot Tub

Whether you’ve finally purchased your dream home, you’re relocating for work, or you’ve simply redesigned your outdoor living space, the idea of moving a hot tub can definitely dampen your excitement. We get it. Home spas are large and bulky by design, oh, and did we mention heavy? Even empty, many hot tubs can weigh 500 – 1,000 pounds. Yet, with a little bit of planning, strong friends, and the right tools, it’s really not that bad. Here are our 5 best tips on how to move a hot tub yourself.

Preparing to Move a Hot Tub

Like most things in life, preparation is key. Taking the time up front to devise a plan will make this whole process easier.  Measure your spa carefully and scout the path to the moving truck or its new location. Take note of any stairs, obstacles, or narrow pathways where your hot tub may not fit. In some instances, it might be necessary to tilt your spa on its side.

Gather Your Moving Supplies

Now that you have a plan, be sure to gather all the necessary equipment before you begin. We recommend the following:

  • 2 Furniture dollies (many home improvement stores rent these)
  • 2 pieces of lumber for leverage (2 x 4s or 4 x 4s are great)
  • Tie-down straps
  •  2 Appliance dollies (these are only necessary if you will be navigating stairs)

Cut the Power

Always disconnect the power supply before getting started. Depending upon your model, this could be as simple as unplugging the power cord from the outlet. However, always be sure to check your owner’s manual as some models may require an electrician or professional to safely shut off the power.

Drain the Hot Tub

Now you can drain your hot tub by connecting a garden hose to the main drain valve. Again, consult your owner’s manual before attempting this step. Reminder: Be sure to route the hose to a safe draining area to protect your grass and landscaping.

Call in Reinforcements

Here’s where it pays to have strong friends! You should never attempt to move a hot tub alone. Call in all your favors and get 2-3 of your strongest friends to help with the next steps:

  •  First, have 2 people lift one side of your spa off the ground just enough to place one of your  2 x 4s underneath it, and then lower the hot tub down on the board.
  •  Repeat the same process on the other side.
  • Now you can slide a furniture dolly underneath the front and back of your hot tub.
  • Remove both 2 x 4s and use your tie-down straps to secure the spa to the dollies. (If you are going to be navigating stairs, use this same process to put your hot tub on appliance dollies instead.)

Boom! The hard part’s done. Now you can carefully roll the hot tub to the moving truck or its new home on your property.

Following these steps to move a hot tub will make a seemingly impossible task quite doable. When you’re ready to refill your spa, take advantage of the free water testing service we provide at Backyard Oasis, and you’ll be soothing those sore muscles in no time. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?