How to Perfectly Place Your Hot Tub

The spa shopping and research was well worth the time it took to find your perfect significant-spa-someone. And now that you’ve finalized your choice, you may now be researching options on how to perfectly place your backyard’s new crown jewel.

As with any important asset, location placement is essential. With real estate, landscaping, furniture and more, they’re not only logic, but also personal preference to a well-designed space. Spaces that you love are spaces you will use often and with great enjoyment. Never is this more evident than in the placement of where your hot tub will be. With some time and creative thought, the layout of your backyard spa can become one of the favorite spots in your yard.

Once you decide to purchase your new hot tub, here are some things to consider for the perfect placement.

The Place You Love—A Perfectly Placed Hot Tub

Most hot tubs are designed to be placed anywhere—both indoor and outdoor. But getting your spa to the perfect spot might take some expert planning. When looking at locations, make sure you take all of these into consideration:

1) Delivery: Are you wanting your spa indoors and are there openings big enough to get your spa where you want it? Are you wanting your spa in the great outdoors, to experience the best of nature from the luxurious comfort of your gorgeous hot tub? If so, do any gates or fences need to be disassembled before delivery?

2) Foundation: Every important structure needs a firm foundation. Depending on the size of your hot tub, a reinforced concrete slab is probably your best bet. To be sure, call our showroom or stop in. We’re happy to give you some expert advice.

3) Easements and Restrictions: Another thing you will need to consider is any property easements or association restrictions. Planning ahead in these areas can save you some major headaches in the future. It’s better to plan it right the first time than to go through the expense of having to replan your location in a different spot.

4) Utilities: An important step in the process is making sure that electricity is professionally run to your hot tub site and that a water source is within easy reach of your faucet and hose. Although not impossible, the further out in your yard that the placement of your spa sits, the more expensive to run utilities to the final location.

5) View: One of the best benefits of your hot tub is a fantastic view! Whether you are an avid stargazer or a morning sunrise enthusiast, consider placing your hot tub in the prime location for the view that you want to set your eyes on each day. Also, don’t forget to line your hot tub up for a view inside your house! Easy access to and from the house for supplies, accessories, towels and a changing area is an absolute must.

Let the Experts Help

With all of these considered, we know there is a perfect place in your yard for your new spa paradise. Although it takes a little thought and planning, you are setting yourself up for years’ worth of excellent experiences. If you need help with your spa purchase or placement, the experts at Backyard Oasis are happy to help! Give us a call or stop in our showroom. We’re open six days a week to help meet all your pool and spa needs.