How to Plan a Hot Tub Date Night They’ll NEVER Forget!

Dinner. Dining. Dancing. Are all your favorite go-to activities currently up in the air? It’s easy to let the doldrums of life steal that special time you have dedicated toward romance. However, with a little planning and a whole lot of love, you can transform your backyard into an ideal escape for two. Here’s how to plan a hot tub date night they’ll never forget!

Set the Mood

For a date night that’s out of this world, you first have to set the mood. As the evening hours lessen through the fall, your backyard oasis can become a romantic haven. String up some twinkle lights or Edison bulbs to create a soft glow in the moonlight. Place fluffy towels or embroidered bathrobes by your spa. Then, stream your favorite playlist softly through your hot tub Bluetooth® speakers. Your sweetheart will be pleasantly surprised at the effort and love you show.

Divinely Dine

What’s date night without delicious delicacies? Whether you choose to cook at home, order in from your favorite romantic restaurant, or dress up the date with a decadent dessert, all of your dining can be done by the calming tranquility of your water. Set up a spa-side dining experience by candlelight. From your famous homemade pasta and special sauce to a quick online order with curbside pickup on your way home from work, you have a million options. And chocolate? Don’t forget something deliciously oozing with chocolate.

Wrap it Up

When you’ve finished dining, slip into something comfortable and head out to your hot tub together. A serene spa is the perfect place to relax and connect with the one you love. The warmth of the water soothes away the cares of the day, while the close proximity of the spa’s seats allows for intimate conversation. Relax together in your favorite place to be – home with the one you love.

Are you looking for your own romantic retreat? Backyard Oasis has a hot tub model you need to find the perfect fit for your favorite date night. Do you need a personal retreat for two? Or how about a spa that’s big enough for a crowd, with all of the audio amenities that, when it’s just the two of you, can turn an ordinary evening into a date night you’ll never forget. Our FREE Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide can help you make the perfect choice. If you are ready to transform your dates from boring to extraordinary, come see us today!