How to Stay Limber—Even In Your 50s

The years have flown by and you may be surprised to find yourself already in the golden decade of your 50s. Although your kids may have grown and moved on to lives of their own, there is still so much of your life left to be lived. You’ve now reached the season of your prime—the years of life where work is steady, retirement is in place, and your schedule leaves room for extra relational and recreational activities.

But one thing that may need some work might be your body’s flexibility. As we age, our bodies tend to get tighter and tighter. So, what are some ways to stay limber after turning 50?

Ways to Gain Flexibility

While there are many ways to stay fit and flexible in your 50’s, you may have some specific goals in mind. Would you like to improve your golf game? How about taking your tennis or racquetball matches to the next level? Or is a faster running or cycling time one of your goals?

Whatever fitness objectives you may have, here are some excellent ways to increase flexibility and build up endurance to help your body perform at its best:

Fuel Up

One of the best ways to start adding flexibility is to fuel your body properly. In your 50s, your body needs a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It also needs excellent hydration to keep your muscles, joints and the internal workings of your body in tip-top shape. Also, your metabolism and nutritional needs after 50 start to change. The experts at webmd.com suggest fueling your body with “nutrient-dense foods [including] fruits and vegetables, whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice, and beans and nuts.” Also, add “lean meats, eggs…and seafood… along with low-fat milk and cheese.” And don’t forget any supplements and instructions that are doctor-recommended! Fueling your body correctly will help you reach your goals and your body’s optimum performance.

Stretch It Out

Lengthening your muscles is the goal to gaining greater flexibility and range of motion. Although you probably already know the importance of stretching before and after a workout, you can actually add stretching into your daily routine on non-workout days, also. Add stretching to your morning routine of making breakfast, getting dressed and brushing your teeth. Stretch your muscles and hold for 30-seconds. Then return them to their resting position. With ten reps in each area of targeted muscles, you’ll be surprised how quickly your flexibility can help you feel your best (and improve that golf swing!).

Make It a Habit

Exercising regularly will also help you in your quest to limber up. Make room for fitness to become a habit in your life. Three to five fitness sessions a week will make long strides in helping your body become lose and limber—all while adding muscles mass, increasing circulation and feeding oxygen and other important nutrients to your muscles.

Let Hydro Activities Help

If joint pain or arthritis are starting to be a problem for you, consider hydro-activities such as swimming or water aerobics. The buoyancy of your body in water provides a type of weightless relief, while the water pressure and resistance provide a natural workout that is easier on joints and muscles. A swimming pool in your backyard is the perfect place to increase flexibility. It also provides you with your own private workout-space, right in your own backyard!

Recover More Quickly

One of the keys to keeping up with a great workout schedule is being able to quickly recover between workouts. To speed up recovery time, hot tub hydromassage is a must-have. With circuit seating, a hot tub from Hot Spring can help relieve aches and pains, loosen and limber muscles, and improve flexibility in all of the targeted areas of your body. Stretching in your hot tub is also an excellent idea! The temperature of the water warms the joints and muscles, making stretching in your hot tub a luxurious appointment that you will want to keep daily.


The decade of your 50s is going to be the best one, yet. And after your transformation, your golf, tennis, and running buddies are going to want to know all of your secrets to great health and flexibility.

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