How to Work a Hot Tub into Your Home Remodel

How exciting! A little birdie just told us that you are thinking about taking on a soon-to-be home remodel. We already know that you are probably a researching, do-it-yourself, HGTV junkie who is thinking about taking on these huge projects by yourself. And, honestly, that is perfectly amazing for the dreaming and planning stages. You are searching out ideas for both the inside and outside of your house—looking at updates to your kitchen, flooring, wall color, bathrooms, and even your yard and landscaping.

All of those areas of your home are excellent for renovation updates. They add significant value to your home, with quality finishes and revisions enhancing both salability and livability. Did you know that enhancements to your outdoor areas are some of the most important upgrades that you can make? Not only can curb appeal make your home one of the most desirable pieces of real estate on the block, a little attention to the rear of your house can make your backyard enjoyment and entertaining an absolute dream.

Updated permanent relaxation and entertainment areas can provide a tremendous return on investment. This is not just for current homeowners. It can also translate into reselling bonuses if you ever decide to sell. If you want a tiny slice of heaven in your own backyard, your relaxation and entertainment areas are the first place to focus.

Hot Tubs are Excellent Home Renovation Additions

There is no better area of relaxation than a quality hot tub. Luxury hot tubs can be almost magical, lighting up your backyard space with incredible ambiance. Add-ons like wireless Bluetooth spa speakers and a 22” television monitor can even allow you a home theater experience—right from the comfort of your warm water spa! But when you combine the ambiance and atmosphere of your spa with the wellness benefits of hydrotherapy, that’s when the magic really happens. Quality hot tubs with circuit seating and well-placed jets give you a whole-body massage. This, in turn, releases pent up tension and stress distributed in different areas of your body. As you start to feel better in your personal health, it will directly transfer to better relational health. What better place to focus on relationships with your family and friends, than in your casual and comfortable home hot tub. An amazing place for conversation, a hot tub is the perfect asset for developing and maintaining your most important connections with the ones you love.

When designing your wishes and plans for your outdoor home remodel, it is important to take the following into consideration.

Tips for the Perfect Backyard Space

1)    Plan your space around all of your add-ons. The key to an excellent investment starts with purchases that are intentional, not impulsive. With a master planned backyard, you have the opportunity to do everything correctly the first time. Take into account the amount of people you want to host in your backyard. Also think about amenities you desire such as a built-in or landscape-planned hot tub or a beautiful new pool. Where will you put your electrical connections for lighting and/or your spa or pool pumps. Consider, too, water hookups, green space for kids and pets, and where you would like your pool or spa to drain. Don’t forget an outdoor kitchen or dining area, patio or deck space, or a cozy firepit for your family to gather around on cool nights. Planning correctly the first time will make the use of your backyard space incredibly user friendly and ultra-enjoyable.

2)    Get professional help when and where you need it. So many home projects can truly be DIY beauties. But sometimes there are special circumstances, especially with outdoor spaces, that need professional help. From water drainage and sprinkler systems for your lawn, to reinforced concrete or a customized built-in for your new hot tub, there are some things that you are going to need help with. Professionals are going to save you money in the long-run by doing things efficiently and correctly the first time.

3)    Make the upgrades look like part of the property. One of the most valuable tips we can offer is to make all of your additions and renovations look like they are part of your well-planned property. When upgrades such as spas, pools, decks and patio areas are stationary and staying with the house, that is when those upgrades can be included in the value of a home. Your financial investment can pay dividends in the long run, when your master-planned property is not only a thing of beauty, but also an investment with increasing value.

4)    Consider your rental or resale audience for the future. We know that you are probably building your backyard oasis for your personal use right now. However, don’t forget about the future use of your home. If you have a vacation home that you are updating, or if you are ever wanting to sell your primary residence in the future, consider the audience that you are marketing to. Vacation rental web specialists rate hot tubs as the #1 value-adding amenity for people who are booking rental properties for their vacation. That same information can sometimes translate for buyers who are in search of a new home. Amenities, such as hot tubs and swimming pools, can not only boost interest in your home, they can add sizeable value to your property, as well.

At Backyard Oasis, we specialize in making your backyard home renovation dreams a reality. We understand your excitement and we love bringing your plans to fruition. As the premier backyard master-planners in the area, your design ideas can become a livable oasis before you know it. Let us help you with all of the amenities you need for your backyard renovations. Whether it is a pool, spa or a kitchen area with a built-in Big Green Egg, we have everything you need to get your planning started. Concerns about making some of those big-ticket purchases without trying them on for size? Backyard Oasis is your authorized dealer of Hot Spring spas. We offer you a private, in-store test soak to try out the different models and options available to you. Call us at 936-327-2531 to schedule your private session. Whether it’s a saltwater spa or a traditional hot tub, we will walk you through each step of the decision process. We know we have the PERFECT amenities for your beautiful backyard renovations!

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