How Young is Too Young for a Hot Tub?

Kids love to do everything their parents do and hot-tubbing is no different. In fact, you’ll find when you bring home your new hot tub that taking a soak with your kids and grandkids is not only a fun activity the whole family will love but a great way to bond! When you think about inviting kids into the spa, you’ve probably got a few questions. Is it okay to let all ages use the hot tub? Do you need to make any modifications for young kids? Just how young is too young for a hot tub? Here’s everything you need to know!

Babies and Toddlers

The CDC recommends that children younger than 5 years old don’t use a hot tub. Children, especially very young kids, are much more heat-sensitive than adults. At this age, kiddos can quickly become overheated by the warm water. Plus, before you allow children into the hot tub, make sure they are tall enough that their heads are above water if they’re standing on the bottom of the spa. 

Kids 5+

It’s safe to invite kids who are age 5 and older into the hot tub, assuming they’re tall enough to touch the bottom. Children, even older kids, are more prone to overheating than adults, so follow these guidelines.

Lower the heat. At 104°F, kids should only be in the hot tub for 5 minutes at a time. But, if you lower the temperature to 98-102°F, they can stay in the hot tub for up to 15 minutes at once.  

Seat kids on a jump seat where they are only partially immersed. If your child is seated where their upper torso is out of the water, their core temperature will stay cooler longer.  

Make sure kids drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help kids (and adults) avoid dehydration. Consider offering bottles of water during the hot tub soak. Plus, make sure everyone drinks plenty of water after they get out of the spa. 

If you follow these simple recommendations you can enjoy worry-free hot tub soaks with the whole family. If you haven’t yet made family hot tub night a regular part of your schedule, try it! It’s one activity that kids and adults alike are sure to love. To dial up the fun even more, try these hot tub games.