In-ground or Above-ground: What’s the right pool for you?

Those sultry rays of summer sun are peeking through the final edge of spring. With temperatures rising, it is the perfect time to think about the type of swimming pool you would like this year. But should you get an in-ground or above-ground pool? What’s the right pool for you? Let’s explore the benefits of each.

Above-Ground Ease

When you want to put the right pool in the backyard, and you want it NOW, an above-ground pool is a fantastic choice. Easy to assemble and maintain, an above-ground pool is perfect for anyone who is looking for fun in the sun. Above-ground pools are great for families, singles, couples, and friends. In a plethora of shapes and sizes, you have a lot of options. Check out some of our favorites from Aqua Leader and Cornelius. The leader in above-ground pools options, Backyard Oasis carries incredible choices. Whether steel, resin, or hybrid, your pool choice will stand the test of time. And instead of only providing the bare minimum as many companies do, our custom pool packages include everything that you MUST have as well as lots of EXTRAS and UPGRADES. Our pool packages include items to make your liner last longer, pool care easier, and pool ownership even more enjoyable.

In-Ground Enjoyment

When you are looking for a stunning, custom pool project, an in-ground pool from Backyard Oasis is the right pool for you. Built for decades of superior enjoyment, your choices on design and finish are virtually limitless. An in-ground pool can add incredible value to your home. From freestyle pools with a tanning ledge to infinity pools with a built-in hot tub, the exquisite options to choose from allow your personalized style to shine through. And when you want the best custom pool in the world, look no further than an in-ground pool from Backyard Oasis. Let your inner designer dream up the best in backyard beauty. In need of a little inspiration? Check out our gallery of sensational backyard pools.

The Right Choice for You

Whether you choose an above-ground option or an in-ground pool, you can never go wrong with a swimming pool from Backyard Oasis. We are a full-service pool and spa company with Construction, Service and Retail divisions to handle ALL of your pool and spa needs. We specialize in custom in-ground gunite swimming pool design and construction, and we offer the best in above-ground brands. When you are ready to make every summer the summer of a lifetime, give us a call at 936-241-0586. Your summer fun will be out of this world!