Is a Variable Speed Pump Right for Me?

As pools and hot tubs have advanced, so has the technology to help maintain them. Variable Speed Pumps (VSP) have continually gained traction and popularity and have quickly become a must have product for your pool. While some have remained stuck in the past and continue to use outdated options, the variable-speed pump has paved a new road to enjoyment, efficiency, and hassle-free cleaning. You may be wondering if a variable speed pump is right for your swimming pool, so we’ve put together some helpful information to help you choose the BEST pump for you and your pool!

Popular Pumps for Pools

Pool pumps continue to improve, and the newer models sport improved functions and more efficiency than ever before. There are 3 popular pump options among pool owners: single speed, dual speed, and of course variable speed pumps. So, which offers what? We’re glad you asked!

Single Speed Pumps

Single speed pumps are the least expensive options for filtering your pool. These types of pumps always run at full speed. While they give Sonic the Hedgehog a run for his money, they are often less efficient in modern pools. 

Dual Speed Pumps

Dual Speed Pumps were the number one option for a long time. Unlike the single speed, they have two speed options, making them more efficient as they adjust to your pool’s needs. They are generally more expensive than the single speeds, but can save you money in energy costs over the long term.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps are the newest and most optimized option for your pool or hot tub. They have a full range of flow speeds that allow you to set your speed for the time of day and maximize your efficiency. While these are the most expensive options up front, they tend to pay for themselves over time thanks to reduced energy costs.

Unbelievable Benefits of Variable Speed Pumps

While the single and dual speed pumps are good choices, the variable speed pump offers more for your money for both your pool and your hot tub. 

Energy Efficiency

Both hot tubs and swimming pools use energy to run and maintain a healthy state. With variable speed pumps, you can reduce your energy costs each month by optimizing your pump and flow speeds which can’t be done on any of the other pump speeds.

Better Circulation

Pools and hot tubs require pumps to run for long periods of time to filter all of the water. Single speed pumps often have to run for over eight hours to remove all of the contaminants. Variable speed pumps better circulate the water to remove all bacteria and chloramines and require less run time.

Less Noise

On top of having to run more than eight hours a day, less efficient pumps are also louder. Luckily, variable speed pumps can be running 24 hours a day at lower speeds to reduce the noise.

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