Is Date Night Lacking? A Hot Tub is Your Answer.

Date night is a favorite for us, and we know it is for you, too. However, have your recent date nights been lacking a little luster and love? Sometimes, inspiration fails even the best date-night genius as we get in a rut while planning our next special evening with the one we love the most.

Does this sound familiar? You know how it goes…

“So, where should we go tonight?”

“After the week I’ve had at work, I’m too tired to even think of ideas…”

“Maybe dinner? And a movie?”

“Honey, you know I love you, but we’ve done that the past two times. Let’s think of something different tonight. I’d rather be with you than fight the crowds.”

Here! Let us help you with these amazing date night ideas that even your tired darling is sure to adore. An amazing, non-stressful evening designed to comfort and reconnect your hearts and souls is just what you need. After taking date night to the next level, you’ll both be refreshed, relaxed, and so in love.

1)   Order ahead. You don’t have to wait for an hour on a Friday night for your favorite table at your favorite restaurant. Instead, call ahead to place your order and quickly pop in at the restaurant on your way home. You’ll have the decadent food and drink you love in the comfort of the place you love most: Home.

2)  Sweet stop. Don’t forget your loved one’s favorite dessert. What says “You were on my mind today” more than picking up the sweetest layered cheesecake, gooiest chocolate brownie, or most mouth-watering ice cream. I promise—your treasured one will love you forever!

3)  Set the mood. This isn’t any ordinary date night. Let your creative juices flow as you plan the ambiance for the evening through gorgeous, dimly lit outdoor lanterns or lights, a sweet bouquet of flowers, and you and your love’s favorite romantic playlist. Those beautiful love ballads will spill into the night air from your Hot Spring® Sound System with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, immersing you in your love for each other.

4)  Slip in. Slip hand-in-hand with your sweetheart into your hot tub. Suddenly, the strain of the week will melt away as the sounds and comfort of the water relax your body and your mind. Spas are made for conversation and relationships, so reconnect with your darling in the warmth and comfort of your own home spa.

5)  Rent away. Still in the mood to see a movie? Stream a rental on your home entertainment system, or even better, in your outdoor or spa theater. Whether it’s a movie on the couch or relaxing in the evening breeze on the deck, there’s no better place to rest in peace and enjoyment with each other than at home.

Whether you are planning a date for your handsome hubs or your gorgeous girl, we know these ideas are sure to impress! Memories of your special evening together will linger long after the lights go out.

Need a hot tub for your next date night? We’ve got some amazing offers right now. Download your free brochure online or come in to see us. At Backyard Oasis Pools and Spas, we are your one-stop-shop for the very best in Hot Spring Spas—including ones with Bluetooth and home theater capabilities that are perfect for your next date night. We’ll see if we can get you just what you need in time for your next special evening!